How to store your sports car over the winter

The end of the driving season means the start of the storage season for vintage and sports car owners. More exactly, before the mercury starts dropping and the snow starts falling, they have to prepare and store their valuable possessions. Every year, they must repeat the same process and say goodbye to pleasant and exciting rides against the wind. However, this practice has the purpose to protect their vehicles against harsh weather conditions so owners must put personal attachment aside and think objectively about preserving their asset in perfect condition. Unless you want to discover your car covered in snow, partially frozen, you will have to explore several storage options for ensuring it shelter during the winter season. Unquestionably, the more suitable choice for your precious vehicle is climate-controlled storage. No other place has the ability to control temperature and humidity and these two factors can prove to be disastrous for any car.

Make sure that your vehicle is sparkling clean before storing it

After establishing that public storage Santa Clara represents the only solution for your problem, you have to prepare and move your vehicle inside the chosen unit. The first step is to clean it properly. When it comes to cleaning, you have two options: you can do it yourself or you can drive it to a car wash where you have the possibility to opt for waxing, which practically represents a coat of protection for a vehicle about to remain in storage for months.  Regardless of the choice you make, you have to examine the car in detail, inside and outside, to determine if there are contaminants left. Contaminants have the potential to ruin the surfaces of your valuable vehicle fi you do not remove them properly. Another tip is to check the tires and inflate them to proper pressure. You can find out the proper pressure after reading the manual that came with the car. In addition, remember to disengage the parking brake and even use wheel chocks.

Change the filter and fill the tank with premium fuel

After washing, cleaning, drying and waxing your car, you can move on to changing the oil and filter. Even if you have to pay more, choose a premium fuel for the tank as well as a gasoline stabilizer in order to avoid a gummy texture and the accumulation of water caused by condensation. After changing the oil, you have to drive the car for a few minutes to warm up the engine and make the fresh oil circulate. One important detail that is worth mentioning for those people who cannot afford or do not want to store their car inside a unit, openings are a connection between critters and the interior of your vehicle. For this reason, you must use steel wool pads to clog up those openings. The comfortable conditions inside the vehicle will attract many rodents so in order to avoid a possible infestation you have to switch the heater system of the car to the recycle position.

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