When computers first started making their way in the 80's, I abolished it, including my college days during floppy discs. Then came "The Worldwide Web' Still in retail mid-20's and still the youngest selling Bick/Isuzu as NCM, still blown off. I moved all the Buicks to the back & drove all the Rodeo's & Trooper's up to the front....guess what? That's right, it worked...what a miracle. Tired of being tapped on the head like a little boy, I left! I did govt. work, counted beans, all the while performing damage control.

I finally joined NCM Associates as a Bus Dev Dir. ....I never expected what would come next as a result of social media. I am now embarking on more results oriented issues our industry faces in every meaning of day-to-day business, rep & brand mgmt, equality in share space, content, ability, relavancy, etc...It can at times become overwhelming. No doubt!

The bottom line, is to meet with, interview and lay down the cards on what you want / need! Once we have established equally agreeable objecives, the more we help each other! Transpereancy has been a recent cause, it's not! Relationship mgmt. is & will for along time be our best facet. You're not buying my service / product. You're buying me!

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