Important Things That Tesla 3 Model Needs To Know

It is not too long that Tesla took about 400,000 reservations for its highly proclaimed Tesla 3. The world recently witnessed this model's first look when Tesla, Elon Musk, became the first production owner. It is just a matter of time that this automobile industry is changing the game and started to roll the production line, and if you are one of them among those 400,000 who are willing to buy Tesla 3 model, here are some points to need to know.

Supercharging Is Not Free Now

After several months of speculation, Tesla announced that its supercharging network, which is a rapid charging system that spans around U.S and Canada, is no longer free to use. Though Tesla lovers did not expect this move, surprisingly, several Tesla lovers choose this new model. As, supercharging is not free now, Tesla will charge you some amount per KWh which will not upset your bank balance. This will not discourage you, and you will get in touch with the largest network of fast chargers. We all know that superchargers are great while taking long drives and road trips, but it is not good for day-to-day use. If you want to keep your Tesla model 3 in good condition for long, you should opt for a tesla model 3 sunshades or Tesla car cover that will protect your expensive vehicle from any damage.

Public Charging Is Not Possible At All

Though supercharging is one of the only charging resources for Model 3 Tesla owners. Still, when you experience other charging options in public, you will understand why public charging is a nightmare for most people. Tesla has carefully designed where and how to use the Supercharger network.

If you check out the public networks, you will see random assortments of stations, which largely vary in their prices and convenience. Within the public networks, you can get free or expensive rates than gasoline. When you are using the public charging option, you will find that Tesla model 3 will require more charge up than normal. Whether you are looking for charging options or other accessories for tesla model 3, you should discuss your needs with a reliable Tesla dealer.

You Will Require Your Charger

As said earlier, the Supercharger network is not a good option at all for every-day charging. It is better to have your charger rather than using public charging system or superchargers. After all, no one wants to enjoy going to the gas station all the time. If you are of single-family, you will not face any issue regarding charging; however, liking in an apartment or condos can be a problem when you do not have your charger.

Charging the Vehicle Every Night

The common part between your electric car and your smartphone is that both require charging. Before you give charge to your vehicle, check whether it is up to zero or not. The charging should run-up to the way to zero, and then you have to fill it up again. Research shows that constantly top off the battery can extend its life to about 3 times equal to 250,000 miles or more. This is why all Tesla model 3 owners should have a charger at home as it is a necessity like the model 3 car cover. Instead of depending upon a Supercharger or public charging system, you should charge your vehicle at home at night.

Thus, these are some of the points to keep in mind while buying the Tesla 3 model. You can get various tesla aftermarket accessories from dealers to enhance the look of your vehicle.

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