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Transportation of goods between countries takes place for many reasons. The majority, however, is for reasons of increasing the value of the goods. With the rapid growth of e-commerce, a large number of smaller businesses now require international transportation. In this article, we aim to explain the different steps you should be aware of before you book your first shipment.

Booking agents, shipping lines, customer house brokers – a lot of involvements are there to deal with. Maybe you have an overseas client who wants to buy your products. So, you need to know the basic guidelines of international shipping. Several shipping services are offered by the popular international shipping companies. They will help you to move you’re your cargo safely across the world.


Ocean container transport – one of the most popular shipment methods is now adapted by people these days. The service providers offer you several ocean freight rates explaining the costs and conditions of the shipping company. So, you just need to know about the simplest procedure to ship cargo overseas.


Here, we’ve got the international guide to shipping through. Let’s know how many types of shipment services are provided worldwide. The common procedures include household goods and vehicles. They are:

  • International car shipping
  • Motorcycle shipping
  • Boat and yacht shipping
  • Shipment of the household goods and moving services
  • Oversized cargo shipping
  • Air freight shipping


International Ocean cargo shipping:

A popular international shipping company can provide a wide range of services. Varieties of options are there to choose from depending on the requirements of the goods. For example, an oversized cargo shipment needs to use a flat rack because a regular cargo container does not actually fit into it. However, 20 foot and 40-foot containers are used in popular methods.

What size of a shipping container will be perfect for your shipment? This is the immediate question you would ask now. However, the size completely depends on your cargo.


Ship cargo overseas via shipping container:

When you want to ship your cargo via shipping containers, you should know the basic terms that are related to international shipments – FCL and LCL. Whereas FCL stands for full container load, LCL represents the less container load simultaneously.

Overseas shipment companies use these two terms quite often, but the sole use of containers and consolidate/shared containers are also used frequently by them.


What does LCL mean?

The actual meaning of the term is quite simple to understand. For example, you want to move a one-bedroom apartment internationally along with the cargo of 250 cubic feet. So, it’s not worthy to take a whole 20-feet container to use just a small space inside it.

If you want to save your money, go for the fewer container loads. Depending on your cargo requirements, this is considered as the best and the most practical method ever. It provides your overseas shipment the maximum value as you need to pay for only the space that you want to use.


Full container load international shipment:

This is quite similar to the sole use of shipment service. Here, you need to book the entire container and have the provision to use the whole space for your personal cargo. Schumacher Cargo Logistics offers an important advantage here – your international shipment moves on the water quickly whereas the LCL containers need to be full before leaving for the desired destination.


Depending on the emergencies to reach to the destination quickly and the size of your shipment, you need to choose the perfect shipment type accordingly.

 If you choose the best shipment company, they will help you to find out the best shipping option based on the destination, provided timeline and the delivery methods. Before you choose a service, make sure they have provided satisfying services to all their customers before.

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