Today, the average corporate user sends and receives over 110 messages daily!  With all that email, even the world’s greatest message will fall victim to “right click / delete” without a subject line that inspires a reader to open it! 

Here are a few quick tips to help you write a subject line that will get your customers’ attention:

1)      Be clear – With so many emails and so little time let them know why they should open yours. 

2)      Be concise – Many mobile devises, desktop email clients and webmail services vary the length they allow for subject lines depending on configuration.  For instance, if you are using right-hand preview pane in some webmail services, you can be limited to only 27 characters!

3)      Be Relevant – Send targeted emails that are specific to your customer and their needs!  This will not only improve your open rate, but significantly help reduce “opt outs”

4)      Be consistent – As you start to develop value with your customers, you will want them to remember you.  Use the same format, words or naming convention whenever possible in your subject lines.

5)      Don’t forget the “from” – OK, I Know this is not the subject line, but it makes a big impact AND will legitimize the subject line.  For instance, if you are asking a customer to come in for a service, make sure the “from” represents a service manager, director or service writer!!   

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