Infographic: Canadian Internet Use Statistics: Search, Social, Mobile

For Automotive Marketing Guru's

Infographic: Our friends at +6S Marketing on the state of Canadian Internet usage (This is a great companion piece to the Google research on mobile use released on Monday:

"Canadian consumers are ahead of the game when it comes to digital – 80% of the population has internet access. More Canadians are embracing social media by using smartphones and watching videos online. The average Canadian consumer is plugged-in everywhere – while on the go, in the workplace, while watching TV, and while shopping. However, Canadian businesses are still lagging when it comes to ecommerce and mobile marketing. To engage with the ever-growing online population, businesses need to increase their online activity to capture this market.

It has been said that “mobile is the next big thing.” It’s not up and coming; it’s already here. Now businesses need to adapt and understand how to play the game – mobile advertising is worthwhile."

I hope you found this useful.

What are some of your thoughts?

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