Is Creating Videos for Your Social Brand Really That Difficult?

Many feel video creation and posting videos socially can be difficult or you will need special equipment and skills which causes some to resist using this powerful strategy.

Often times, this resistance can be attributed to being seen as imperfect; not knowing where to start, or why videos are important when branding.

According to Forbes, over 500 million (that is over half a billion) people are watching videos on Facebook every day.

Yes, a great many people are watching videos, which is why they are essential, but it still does not answer the big question -- Is creating videos for your social brand really that difficult?

Truth be told, the video creating process is much easier than you think and is one of the best ways to gain online engagement, thus, it is time to accept videos into your brand strategies.

Think about the Old Spice commercial and how personable and funny it was, in fact, it still is.

Although it was designed for a company, rather than a sales professional, it does provide insight as to what videos can become. They are highly influential and are a powerful way to reach consumers.

Old Spice Video Link:

Embed Code for Old Spice Video:

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen></iframe>

When you use your imagination, creativity, unique talents, and skills to make videos it leaves an imprint in your customers minds, no matter what level or skill set you actually have.

Unlike the Old Spice video, you do not need to hire a professional, buy expensive equipment, or spend long hours editing, rather, all you need to do is create them yourself by using your personality and your smartphone.

Do It Yourself Videos In 3 Easy Steps

Set aside any false impressions you may currently harbor about video making and let go of the thought that you must always be seen as perfect.

Video branding is about showing your “human” side so that your audience can resonate with your videos and relate to the person behind the camera lens.

There are 3 easy steps to remember when making a video and to make it even easier to recall, let’s use this acronym - E.A.T. - Equipment, Audience, and Topic.

To begin the video making process, you first must learn what items are needed to make a video.

Equipment: What do I  need to create videos?

  • Allow for 30 minutes or less to create a video - This time frame allows for multiple video-takes to be made, if needed.
  • Start with the end in mind - What is the main purpose of the video?
  • Have a relevant topic - Choose a topic that is relevant to what you do and interesting to your audience.
  • Use a smartphone - Capture videos that are 2 minutes or less using your mobile device, in order to keep the attention of your audience when video is being viewed.
  • You - You are the one who is in control of the video process and is what ultimately makes it unique. Show your talents, abilities, knowledge, and personality. Have fun with it!

Optional items:

  • Video editor - To edit videos, add thumbnail images, and logos.
  • Selfie Stick - To capture more of your surroundings and to provide different views.
  • A Partner - Ask a colleague to video you. Walk them through what you envision the video to be to properly capture your video’s purpose.

Once you have the tools you need, it is time to decide on the audience you will be talking to within your video.

Audience: Who am I talking to?

  • Demographics: Will you be talking to Millennials, Baby Boomers? Are you looking to gain more female or male customers? What age group will you target with your words? Ultimately, you are to decide on whose attention are you looking to grab when making a video.
  • Choose social platforms: Decide on which social platforms you are making the video for prior to its creation. Is it for Facebook or will you be sending it to customers as a video message? Knowing what it will be used for helps in gaining a better visual of how you want to design the video.

Topic: What should I talk about in my videos?

When adding videos to your social brand, you must always think of your brand first. Simply put, make videos that include information that is relevant and positive.

Your topics should either be brand targeted or local targeted. You will also want to create videos that tell people more about who you are and what you stand for.

The intent in creating these types of videos is to grab the attention of customers who like what you sell, who live locally and can literally walk through your company’s doors, as well as, to show your value.

Here are more than a few topics to get the creative juices flowing and to make the video creation process easier to do.

These topics are directed towards those who work at a dealership, but can easily be adjusted to the industry you work in, if not auto-related.

Topic 1: Tell your audience how you got started working in the auto industry:


Did you follow in the footsteps of a family member?

Was it a new venture you found yourself fully enjoying?

Is it because you are a car fanatic?

Topic 2: Share why you love working at your dealership:


Is it because of the company culture?

Is it due to having a leader for a boss?

Is it because it is a family owned dealership?

Topic 3: Provide your achievements:


Have you won employee of the month?

Did you graduate from a training course, which makes you better at your job?

Have you recently been promoted?

Topics 4: Express the reasons why you love the place you call home - State/City/Town:


You have many happy memories growing up in your local area.

You could not live without your favorite local burger joint.

You want to ensure local residents get the best automotive buying experience.

Topics 5: Show your contributions and value:


Tell people why you love to volunteer in your local community.

Share information about a local food drive happening at your dealership.

Provide information about specific vehicle features and walk-arounds.

Notice how each topic and example is relevant to the brand, local area, and to your value. Feel free to come up with your own topics and lists, just ensure they fall under one of these 3 categories.

In time, you will learn how video creation is a key component of your social branding, but first you must willing to try.

We all start somewhere and success does not come from holding back. Play, experiment and see what type of videos your audience appreciates the most.

Start off slowly, you will develop more confidence as time goes on. It is important to keep experimenting and trying new things.

Why not pick one topic to cover each day or week? Create a routine of video making and share each of them on multiple platforms, i.e. Facebook, YouTube, Website, Blog.

In reality, video creation is only as difficult as you make it to be. Believe in yourself because being you works.

Give yourself permission to be lighthearted, humorous, and fun, all while providing useful information.

Thus, when it comes to making easy videos to share with your customers, you need to stop pausing and start hitting play!

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