Is Your Digital Marketing Strategy Just OK?

To solve issues within most businesses an effective way is to use a compartmentalize strategy. Back in the day this is how we could effectively work an advertising game plan.

Today with the rapid growth of digital and its constant evolution you should no longer limit your methods by separating solutions.

Let’s use SEO as an example. We estimate a dealer in the Philly DMA spends on average, $17.00 on SEO per vehicle. So, if there’s a solution that offered a FREE SEO strategy, wouldn’t it make more sense?

It’s time to stop relying on who you’ve been loyal to or what you’ve done before just to have some sort of online presence. If you do, you're left with inflated advertising spend and no ROI.

Successful digital marketing involves a broader perspective when it comes to understanding how the various parts of an approach to success relate to each other. One weak link could impact your overall goals. 

The greatest advantage digital has over traditional advertising may seem creepy to some but I’d have to believe even the consumer in the end enjoys some of the best components that the technology has to offer. For example, the convenience of having new products, discounts on something you’ve planned to purchase with a handy reminder to do just that. 

Though we all lack comfort when it comes to "Big Brother" technology, it does offer time and money saving advantages waiting at our very fingertips. 

For business owners when used properly, digital marketing can save you thousands of dollars from the glut of wasted advertising and give you a competitive edge like no other before. 

Now that we’re all of the belief that the internet and social media isn’t going away and drives consumer spending - dealer’s need to pay more attention to how they spend their money on advertising.

One of my favorite campaigns is the one for AT&T, “It‘s just ok.”

I’m reminded of this every time I hear a dealer or marketing director tell me that they’re ok with their agency. Yes, there are agencies out there doing a great job, however there’s complacency that prevents you from moving forward. 

At one time it was acceptable for digital agencies to report high impressions as a measure of success. It was easy to relate to as it was a reminder of how print is measured by its circulation or readers. 

Our report card is measured by how many more ups and how much we lower your budget. Sounds crazy huh? I want to spend less of your money to make you more?! This means that we work harder at analyzing data.

Dealers are so accustomed to compartmentalizing their marketing solutions that their approach to vendors is always, "What do you have for me?” and of course "I’m just as guilty by answering back.” Mr. Dealer, we have products that are currently exclusive to GHA”.

I can say with great pride, GHA is on the cutting edge. One product in particular will solve multiple concerns in one swoop.

I’m hoping that the landscape and mentality of how digital advertising is viewed will change while benefiting job and economic growth for generations to come. 

Ultimately it’s people that make the car business great. I love my job because I get to help grow an industry that’s a part of American history since the 1800’s.

I’d rather ask for 15 minutes to share how we take a holistic approach using data and technology to build an intelligent marketing strategy that is customized to address critical concerns that consistently are reviewed and tweaked accordingly.

We can take control of the technology or we can let it take control of us.

Assessments available on Tuesday's, Wednesday's & Thursday's. 215.378.3920

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