Key Elements to "Maintaining A Success-Oriented Attitude"

Here are some key concepts I’ve learned both from my mentors and from my own life experience — to maintain a success-oriented attitude. The common element to each of these is that you have to take Action:


  • Surround Yourself with Mentors/Role Models — Build a circle of positive people who dream bigger and think bigger than you do. Whenever possible, dump the negative people who are always whining about why they can’t get ahead and avoid the professional victims. Find and befriend people who have accomplished more than you have. Use their examples to visualize your goals and determine how you can attain them. No matter how far you are from your ultimate objectives at this moment, get started today. It’s the only way you’ll ever get closer. This is the core of the .

  • Your Purpose or Your “Why — Understand why you want to accomplish your goals in business, finance and life. One of my most valued mentors believes this is one of the most important aspects of success in all areas. Your purpose — your “why” — moves you, motivates you and gets you up every morning — but only if it’s truly your purpose. Having that focus is the reason why some people are able to achieve much more than others who are just as smart and hard working.

     In reality, there’s no right or wrong purpose, but it must come from your heart. Your “why” gives you the laser-beam focus, which will change you and give you the ability to accomplish almost anything.

     Right now, take a moment, put this book down, and think about your “why.” What motivates you to get up every day? Is it family? Financial freedom? Helping others? Competition? Discover your “why” and put it to work for you.

  • Set the Stage — Give yourself every advantage you can as you set out to achieve your dreams. Get the training you need. Surround yourself with those who will support you and who have achieved the results you desire. Take care of your body so it doesn’t give out when you need it the most. There will be obstacles in your path no matter what you do; take it upon yourself to not make those obstacles tougher through your inaction or laziness. Give yourself the best chance for success and believe in yourself.

  • Crawl, Walk, Run — When you first start out, whatever the activity, you’re not might not excel at it. The temptation to quit is greatest at this point. It takes time, effort, stamina and the belief in yourself to achieve what you want to be. When you compare yourself to those you respect and admire, you’re not comparing equals. Don’t compare yourself at the beginning your journey to someone who’s already walked the path for years. Remember that they, too, were once beginners. It took hard work and dedication to build themselves into the person you admire. Give yourself the opportunity to improve, but start the process now.

  • Stay Hungry — When you’re comfortable where you are and what you have, it’s impossible to reach your full potential, both in business and as a human being. We grow only when we strive to be more than what we are. Gratitude and appreciation are healthy; complacency is debilitating.

  • Be Relentless — Know what you want and what it will takes to get you there. Once you do, you have no excuse for not making the attempt. If you don’t give it your all, you’re not being true to yourself. Be obsessed with reaching your full potential. Failure can be a growth experience; laziness is unacceptable. A phrase I’ve lived by my entire life is “persistence breaks down resistance.” There’s no substitute.

  • Continuous Improvement — The moment you think you’ve learned all there is to know about a topic, you’ve set yourself up for failure. Once you’ve stopped improving, you’re absolutely going backwards. The world does not stand still. There are always new methods, technologies and schools of thought. There are also people hungrier than you, and they’re looking for an opening.

  • Recognize Your True Competition — On the path to success, you’re not competing with anyone else; you’re competing with yourself in reaching your full potential. Most people are either not living up to what they believe they can be, or they’ve set their sights too low. The moment you become comfortable is the moment you stop growing and start falling behind. Only by being honest with yourself about what you’re truly capable of becoming — and then putting your heart and soul into achieving that — will you realize your best self.

  • Embrace the Rules of Change — Since almost nothing goes as planned, always be ready to encounter the unexpected. First, be Aware of the situation; don’t be the person who ignores the reality to hold on to a fantasy. Next, Accept that the situation is what it is; react to what’s there, not what you wish was there. Finally, Act. If things go sideways, adapt your existing plan to the current situation or develop a new one. Get the information you need, make your decisions and then carry out your plan.

  • Harness Your Fear — Many years ago, I asked one of my mentors what he felt was the main reason he became a multi-millionaire. He wasn’t raised in a wealthy family, and he didn’t have wealthy relatives or friends before he found his financial success.  His answer initially surprised me until I understood and internalized it. The reason he gave for his success — and why he continues to push daily — is fear.  Fear of not being able to continue providing for himself and his family in the manner they’d become accustomed to. Fear of living the life of his mother and father, who struggled financial their entire lives. Fear of losing what he had worked hard for decades to gain. Fear of falling behind his competitors. Fear of letting people down who counted on him and who looked to him for inspiration. He credits fear for his competitive spirit. Fear can help create change. Don’t avoid your fear; it just might give you the edge you’ve been searching for.  Embrace your fear, use it and transform it into action.

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About the Author: Chris Saraceno is the Vice President/Partner of the Kelly Automotive Group and Co-Founder of ,Chris is constantly sharing best business practices through speaking engagements, conventions, articles, blogs etc..


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