Lead by the example of a 'cause' they will follow


Don’t look at this picture from a religious perspective.  Look at this picture and ask yourself; “why is this person, at this time, causing such positive reactions and comments, and a loyal following from every corner of the globe?”  What is he doing?  Why does everyone seem to care what he says and does?  How is he differentiating himself as a leader? 

There are two types of leaders; leaders that hold a position of power or authority, and those who lead and inspire us.  Here is a man who holds a position of high power and authority, while the world is focused only on his leading of a ‘cause’ that ‘causes’ the world to want to be included in this ‘cause.’ 


What they are saying:

“I’m not Roman Catholic, but he’s the sort of leader I would gladly follow, the kind of Christ-like example I want to follow.  But incarnated grace aside, the thing that’s really shocked me the most about Pope Francis is the response he’s received from those outside the faith.  And I don’t just mean non-Catholics.  I mean those of entirely different religious traditions, but especially those with no religious affiliation at all and those who oppose religion altogether.” http://theamericanjesus.net/

“I’m not Catholic, but man do I love this Pope!” (Buzzfeed)

“I’m a Recovered Catholic, born-again pagan- but this is one cool dude!” (Buzzfeed)

“I’m an atheist, but I am really starting to like Pope Francis. He really seems like he understands that the church should be focusing on doing what Jesus said- helping the poor, needy and undesirables. If more Christians would actually live their life like this- Christianity wouldn’t get such a bad reputation. I truly hope Pope Francis continues on this path. I know he will do great things in his time for the church.” (Huffington Post)

“Though I am not Catholic or even religious, my respect for Pope Francis continues to grow. He strikes me as a true man of Christ.” (Yahoo)

“Makes me want to rethink my atheism. What a kind, good hearted, loving human this pope is.” (Yahoo)


What does Pope Francis do to evoke this love, respect and abundant following?  The answer is simply because he chose to follow his “why am I Pope” not for himself, but for the whole world.  Why is he a people’s Pope?  Not to be served but to serve.  Not to grab hold of authority, but to let go of it.  Not to crunch numbers and right a business side to his authority.  He chose to take his why ‘cause’ to the world, to have everyone see for them self his humble selfless servant ‘cause.’  He shows the world his why the ‘cause’ of Peter, his why the ‘cause’ of Christ, his why the ‘cause’ of synergy, his why the ‘cause’ of loyalty-first, his why the ‘cause’ of hope, his why the ‘cause of the poor.  Each ‘cause’ is in complete synergy with his ‘cause’ to humble himself to show love and trust to all people.  Trust requires validation and transparency, and Pope Francis validates his trust with everyone and is openly transparent with his love for all.  Loyalty follows.   

People take up this ‘cause’ not for him, but for themselves.  Why?  People are following this leader not because they have to, but because they want to!   They want to feel good and his ‘cause’ is making everyone feel better about them self and the world.  What is your ‘cause?’



Pope Francis is living proof that when leaders inspire us with a singular selfless servant humble ‘cause’ people want to be part of this ‘cause.’  Focusing on selfish results-first would not have ever caused a following.  Pope Francis is living proof that with a 100% focus on the ‘cause’ of loyalty to everyone first, openly displayed through love and trust, a following starts, then more follow, then a tipping point occurs, and what seemed quite quick, the world is in on this ‘cause,’ and the results are greater than anyone imagined.   Now his ‘cause’ is the world’s ‘cause.’   Why?  People don’t buy what he does, but why he does it.  He pulls them not to him but to the ‘cause’ of loyalty --- to God and each other.  He shows us his ‘cause’ is a ‘cause’ we can unite within. 



Like Pope Francis we challenge the status quo of retail, pushing out selfish WIIFM results-first, pulling in selfless servant WIIFT highest quality loyalty-first.  If you are the kind of person, or kind of team, or kind of business who loves to earn near every customer loyal for life, keeping everyone loyal with each other, boy do we have the membership program to have you learn, practice, teach and share best example habits daily that ‘causes’ loyalty to be earned quite quickly like this.  Do you want to be a member?  Do you want in on this ‘cause?’

Like Pope Francis, you will earn loyalty purposely focusing on the ‘cause’ of loyalty-first. 

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