Blogging can be tough, especially when your marketing strategy has you posting every day. When you’re blogging for business posting everyday can be extremely beneficial but writers block starts to become a serious problem. So how do you makes sure that you’re getting regular inspiration and at the same time ensure that you’re writing about topics that are relevant to your business? One really great way is to let Google Analyticsbe your muse.

Pulling up your search keyword reports is a great way to start. Look for more long-tail keywords that are specific enough that you can reasonably write a short blog about them. The benefit of using long-tail keywords is two fold because it will also help you bring some lower funnel traffic to your site.

If you’re not aware at this point Google also has some pretty excellent social reporting features. You can use this reporting to find out how much people are clicking and sharing your content on social media. This can give you a general idea what your audience is more interested in and what you might want to be writing about. Don’t just focus all your energy on shares though another handy feature is average visit duration from social media links so pay attention to topics that had people on your site for longer that will tell you a lot about what people are truly interested in.

Taking this even further you can have analytics sort all the pages on your site by average time spent on the page. This should again give you an idea what topics are more important or interesting to your audience and therefore should be focused on heavily when blogging.

Going through this process when you have some writers block can give you enough basic inspiration and information to do some brainstorming and choose a relevant topic that will really have some impact on your blog.

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Original story about writers block for bloggers posted on Wikimotive's blog under the title Finding Inspiration For Your Blog.

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