Mobile Search Drives Consumer Behavior In The Moment

A recent study from Google and Nielsen reveals some stats sure to spark your interest.

84% of follow-up actions by mobile search occur within 5 hours


Mobile Searches Trigger Quick Online and Offline Actions

According to Google and Nielsen on average, each mobile search triggers nearly 2 follow-up actions. This means every time your dealership or inventory is searched from a users mobile device two actions occur. May that be searching for more information on the vehicle to an in-store visit, both are adding to your dealerships presence.

Making your presence known is essential to future success.

Searching Drives Action. Action Drives Sales.

If a consumer is searching they have a need. By satisfying the consumers need you help them achieve their goal and  achieve your goal. Get them in the door and find them the car of their dreams.

 57% of people are more likely to visit a store when using mobile search to make a decision.


How are you using mobile search to boost your recognition, revenue and relationships?

- Josh Knutson


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