I’ve started a marketing company for auto sales people, and I already know it will fail.  Why would a company, dedicated to helping auto sales people be more successful be doomed to failure?

  1.  Auto sales people don’t stay put, they believe they sell a product and are willing to move to sell the “hot” product instead of recognizing the value lies in the salesperson, not the product. 
  2. Auto sales people keep lousy records. They rely on the dealer’s systems and processes instead of investing time in their own customer management system.  Sales people think this saves them money but not doing their own marketing and leaving it all up to the dealership and the manufacturer means they do not build their own following
  3. Auto sales people don’t follow up with previous customers.  Maintaining relationships over long periods of time is the hallmark of a professional.  Whether a physician, lawyer, politician or other professional their stock in trade are the relationships they retain over many years.  Do you ever wonder why auto dealership sales people are not appointed to the hospital board or local community college steering committee?  No one believes you are in it for the long haul and sales people prove them right by not following up and maintaining long term relationships in the community.  The dealer won’t help you with this because, follow up and relationships are about you, not the dealership.
  4. Auto sales people don’t invest in themselves.  Have you ever purchased a sales training program at your own expense?  Even bought a book about sales?  Professionals join trade associations for the purpose of learning.  Professionals maintain their credentials by ongoing training and learning. Professionals read journals and magazines about their profession.   How many hours a week do you devote to practice?
  5. Auto sales people don’t believe in scripts or standardizing their sales process.  If you look closely, you only have a few categories or types of customers.  Sure, everyone is different but, most car sales follow a pattern.  Do you know what it is?  Do you just “wing it” each time you meet a new customer or do you follow a pattern and a process with your customers.  No attorney enters the courtroom without an outline and a plan.  No football coach enters the stadium without knowing the opponent and having a plan.

I’m sorry to say my marketing company will fail, auto sales people think it’s the product, not the sales person.  They won’t keep records on their customers. They won’t maintain a long term relationship. They won’t invest in themselves and their profession. They won’t enter the work place with a plan to be successful.  The funny part about all of this is that the dealer principal does all of the above.  At no time has the opportunity been greater to be your own boss than now.  The dealership offers a platform, a tool for you to build a career for yourself, not just a job.  Don’t worry the dealer won’t mind if you try to be more successful. 

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