New White Paper Reveals 'The Impact of the One 'Essential' Email'

3 Birds analyzes results of more than 42,000 Digital Newsletter sends to reveal impact on engaging defectors, building brand affinity, generating consistently impressive ROI, and more

Chapel Hill, N.C., July 11, 2016 -- As the amount of time consumers spend researching dealerships online increases, so does the importance of maximizing each communication that dealers send to their customer database. Many dealers have squandered the goodwill of their customers through heavy-handed, one-size fits all messaging, leading to dissatisfaction and outright defection.

As a new white paper from 3 Birds reveals, however, these same dealers often ignore an "essential" email communication that can accomplish multiple marketing goals month after month: the Digital Newsletter. The white paper, 'The Impact of the One 'Essential' Email', clearly illustrates how Digital Newsletters offer a dynamic communication channel that resonates with customers and provides new insights into their purchase stage and interests.

The white paper is based on analysis of results from more than 42,000 different Digital Newsletters sent on behalf of more than 1,000 dealerships. This analysis clearly shows the influence of 3 Birds' Digital Newsletters when it comes to meeting dealers' most pressing challenges, including:

  • Consistently referring three to 10 times more traffic to the dealer's main website than leading third-party sites 
  • Identifying non-promotional content engagers who generate 61% more service Repair Orders and buy 28% more vehicles than customers who don't engage with non-promotional content
  • Re-engaging defectors with more than 50% of referral traffic consisting of customers and prospects who have not visited the dealership website in at least 90 days 

In addition to these and other insights, the white paper reveals how the Digital Newsletter plays a role in customer value segmentation and predictive modeling. Customer value segmentation helps dealerships to identify their best, highest-value customers. The 3 Birds proprietary predictive model that is fueled, in part, by data about the type of content customers engage with enables dealers to identify and communicate appropriately with customers who are likely to purchase or likely to service a vehicle in the near future.

3 Birds' industry-leading Digital Newsletter is available as part of the 3 Birds ME™ Core Solution, which also includes a marketing and analytics platform and responsive engagement website for a consistent multi-channel marketing strategy.

Download a complimentary copy of the white paper, The Impact of the One 'Essential' Email.

About 3 Birds Marketing, LLC 

3 Birds Marketing is a new breed of fully integrated, enterprise-level, multi-channel, multi-tier marketing software platform and solutions provider focused in the automotive retail space. 3 Birds has helped automobile manufacturers, distributorships, advertising agencies, dealer associations, automobile dealership groups and dealerships demand, attract, and convert modern digital consumers through enterprise-level integrated marketing technology, outstanding client services, and extensive marketing and automotive retail experience. 3 Birds was founded in 2009 and is headquartered in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

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Comment by steven chessin on July 16, 2016 at 3:10pm

Wow ! 

I recently met with a very sophisticated Toyota store and pin-pointed some key issues such as customer loyalty 25 percentage points below the manufacturer's average along with poor review ratings - especially compared with their nearest competitors.

And I asked about their newsletter. They already have one.Translation :  Not on the "To-Do-List" 

Kristen  - OMG - why is it that such smart ...  no ... brilliant GMs can get so many core issues so wrong ?!

I have seen this since 2003 when walked into a Mercedes store with my bdc team and introduced myself and the GM asked, "What is BDC ?"   Recently a dealer -  also very smart - said to me to NOT show inventory in e-blasts because it would show customers what we don't have and make them not come-in.  I thought my head would explode. My favorite is "We already have more leads than we can handle."

So is this a bad dream --- or hell ? Maybe you have some insights why they refuse RESCUE PLANS ? 

One dealer's response to a newsletter was "We don't want to wake-up sleeping dogs".

That told me that they know their customer satisfaction, repeats and referrals was zero.Every sale has to come from their sales team's 5%.leads-to-sales. Figure at least 5k per month for EACH inventory vendor and the cost of not marketing to their database and using peer reviews and ratings and communications - is beyond what I can comprehend.  Lastly - Let me just add this.

MOST of the time structures are so locked into place and cannot be changed that work-arounds are needed to not conflict with the existing NON-PERFORMING grandfathered "marketing" tools. Even your newsletter is a work-around for HORRIBLE WEBSITES. Your newsletters are what their websites should be. I sort of do the same thing  - my eBay is because the junk website is untouchable. My Craigs is separate from the store's compute-generated version. And my "Save-a-Deal" departments are just BDCs with a different name that try to co-exist with broken existing processes that are off-bounds. AutoAlert is a patch for what the CRM doesn't do and managed chat. Lots of add-ons.   

The military used to do this with the Vietnam Era F-4. They "fixed" aerodynamic problems with wings that had crazy bends and added gun-pods and radar jamming pods and all sorts of under-the-wing pods for fuel and missiles - everything it needed from the start had to be added. 

Today's F-22 learned from that mistake and they do it like this.Everything is done right from the start.   

I wish you did websites - and CRMs - and social media - and in-store training - because I could take one of these under-performing store's into the upper stratosphere of performance if I wasn't always trying to fix what is really un-fixable except for adding "pods".   


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