Every year that I have been in the business, I find that both those with and without the experience justifying their relaxed way about them. They make the excuse that all the business is elsewhere. How untrue is that statement. The best month I ever had was a December followed by a runover into January. That was my first year in the business, and probably because I didn't know that's the way everyone thought. Every year since then, I have tried to reinforce the idea that these next two months can be the best of the entire year if you work and don't lay down. Make it a contest with a minimum, but achievable qualifier, so that everyone makes the effort. If they all go in saying theres no way to make, you will get that lax effort. Be positive and supportive and your team will go the extra mile for you. Do nothing and that's what you'll get. Make a plan and then work the plan.....Those of you who know will be the one reaping the rewards of a great December and Jauary....Happy Selling!!

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