To continue with my training discussion, we make all of our staff go through proper and intensive training, sometimes "boring training", get them wound up and fired up with this new found knowledge, with this great plan. Then comes the hard part.....We forget to provide the tools necessary to do the job for one reason or another. Whether it's budget, shipping or timing, sometimes we drop the ball. If "WE" are going to put forth a plan, then make our team go through the training, formula and gear up, shouldn't we make sure the tools are in place instead of wasting all that energy? We need to formulate our approach to training and starting new programs. We need to be better leaders in that we don't get the team fired up then set them on ice, while waiting for the rest of the pieces to fall into place. We need to be more proactive in our approach, otherwise we find our team not following through on the training, because we didn't follow through on our job and make sure they have the proper tools to do the job.... Training is IMPORTANT....But so is the tools to do the job, and this applies to all aspects of our dealership from the service to sales to admin...If we let them down on the tool side, the TRAINING will do no good. We need to understand that building all this momentum and excitement, then slamming on the brakes because we didn't give them the rest of the tools or products, is nothing more than a waste of energy because you have to go back and start the build up all over again and that can dishearten even the thickest of skins. It makes your team start to feel like we have one false start after another. Let's be smarter than that. Have a great weekend and hopes and wishes to those affected by hurricane Sandy.

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Comment by Rob Winters on November 2, 2012 at 6:30pm

Victor, training is often the tool, we just set unrealistic goals.  You can't change the dealership culture in a single training session.  It takes a concerted effort and a level of commitment that most people are not willing or able to give.  In this situation, slow is fast.  Baby steps and accountability wins the race.

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