Are you tired of having your staff complain about "The Training"? Remind them that they aren't perfect and neither are you. If we all were "perfect" at our jobs, then none of these training companies would be in business. We do our training, and maybe if they saw us doing it they wouldn't complain about the "boring training". Make the training fun. Turn it into a competition. Have prizes or rewards of some sort. Then show them what it's like to make a good commission or cut time on the tickets and make more money. That's what the training is suppose to be for. to become more proficient at our jobs and make more money for ourselves and our companies. It should be fun. If it's not fun then the staff, no matter what department they work in, will do their training, but will complain all the way. Make it fun and they will jump in  and do it without hesitation every time. 

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Comment by Victor E Berkey on November 1, 2012 at 4:27pm

Share this with your team and ask them how they feel.

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