Prodigy Releases Spanish Version of Its Online Sales Platform for Auto Dealers

SAN FRANCISCO, CA –April 23, 2019-Prodigy, a unique, seamless online to in-store sales platform for automotive dealerships, today announced the release of a Spanish version of its online sales platform. The platform is built organically from the ground up in Spanish, enabling customers to research and shop online on the auto dealer’s site in their native language with proper syntax and grammar, resulting in increased leads and sales from this demographic.

According to the 2016 Census, Hispanics comprised 17 percent of the population of the United States; around 55 million people. The Census Bureau estimates that by 2060, Hispanics will make up 28 percent of the population.

“We have a large footprint of dealers who serve Spanish-speaking communities, such as the Miami, FL area, and we've adapted our platform to serve these customers better. It’s one thing to have a Spanish speaking employee who can talk with customers in a way they understand. However, what about engaging them when they aren't at the dealership, how do you do that? Through your website! That's where our new Spanish online version comes in. These customers will better understand you and, as a bonus, feel that your dealership cares about them and their ethnicity, and can genuinely assist them for all their sales needs,” said Michia Rohrssen, Prodigy CEO.

Prodigy’s patent-pending SaaS platform was designed to enable a seamless transition from online to in-store sales and vice versa by allowing dealers to engage their customers both online and in-store, delivering a consistent, modern experience with one platform. It boosts profits, builds trust and reduces sales turnover.

The platform has been rigorously engineered and tuned to the specific needs of auto dealerships seeking a next-generation solution that enhances all aspects of the customer experience. Prodigy enables online, instore or a bidirectional blend of sales between the two and ensures process management compliance, full lender/factory/credit bureau integration and a range of sales experience enhancements such as on-lot driver license scanning for instant drive tests. Prodigy fully integrates with all legacy systems and dealer-specific software.

“Today's car buyers conduct a majority of their research online. If Hispanic-speaking customers cannot understand your website, it's the same as if they were standing in your showroom unable to talk with your salesperson. However, if it happens online, you may never have the opportunity to correct that situation and could lose plenty of potential sales as a result," Rohrssen stated.

For more information, or to schedule a demo, visit, Alternatively, call, 1-833-DEALER5 (1-833-332-5375).


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