Do you remember the pride you felt when your kid hit that game-winning homerun or executed the perfect pirouette? How do you imagine close friends feel when they bag that long-awaited, much sought-after promotion? Don’t your customers deserve to experience those same feelings each and every time they trust you with their vehicles? Arming your Service Advisors with exemplary Service Advisor Training skills accomplishes this goal two-fold: they’ll consistently hit it out of the park with record- breaking gross profits and your customers will feel like royalty each time. Do your customers feel as if they’re kings? They are already rulers of your company’s kingdom, so put a little imaginary crown on them.

The King’s Ruling

Oftentimes, your kings will make inconvenient, random request rulings on your Service Advisor. You can either watch him blunder as he stubbornly refuses to consider their request or you can provide Service Advisor Training that teaches him how to tactfully compromise and reach a happy medium with your majestic clients. They won’t stage a revolt if they are left with the impression that you have given into their demands. You’ve both met their needs and created a positive, lasting image.

Absolutely Essential: The Walk-Around

Optimize the opportunity to elevate your customer’s experience: Whenever possible, the Service Client should accompany the Service Advisor on the walk-around to allow the Advisor to advise them on their vehicle, answer questions, educate and enhance the consumer’s confidence, as well as point out any future, potential problems. It’s an excellent time to point out visual needs, recalls and safety issues; moreover, it provides a tremendous opportunity for upselling. Remember, the “S” in Service actually stands for “S” in Sales.

The Service Advisor should have an electronic or hard copy clipboard with a vehicle diagram so they can check wipers, tires or annotate obvious damages. Be vigilant about documenting minor dents or scratches. Upon pickup, this alleviates allegations that any existing damage occurred while their royal chariot was in your service department. Allow for additional space for customer ideas and comments. If you do not have this rather detailed form, you are doing your profit margin ands your clients a huge disservice.

Service Advisor Training teaches a myriad of ways to inspire loyalty from each customer encounter; this is just the tip of the iceberg:

  • Whether it’s in person, by DMS software, online check-in or iPhone, greet them by name
  • Keep all service areas clean
  • Keep them informed of their vehicle’s status throughout the day through emails and text messaging
  • Provide updates of additional, unexpected issues found
  • Point out mechanics credentials and mention all awards and honors
  • Offer transportation, if necessary

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