Sell What You Love & Love What You Sell

…Why buy a car from us??

Well I’m glad you asked!

I’m currently at the stage of life that every weekend seems to be filled with a children's birthday party or friends BBQ gathering. While watching the token Dad turn the sausages on the BBQ, sipping on that drink that I got from the “not so cold” esky, I start chatting to the other seemingly uncomfortable Dad’s about the same old things…

One of the typical questions bantered around is “So what do you do for a living?”

I love asking it of other people, because in about 2 seconds, I can tell if they love their job or just do it to pay the bills… I can tell from their enthusiasm or lack of. It comes across in their voice, their body language, and their desire to talk more about it or change the subject and start discussing who is going to win the AFL & NRL Premierships this year.

Some people say, “I’m just working at the bank”.  Others say “At the moment I’m working in advertising at a small firm, you probably wouldn't have heard of it..." Neither response showing any passion or enthusiasm towards what they do.

So how do you answer it?

Are you passionate and enthusiastic towards your job? Are you passionate and enthusiastic towards your brand?

After I tell someone where I work for, the conversation usually goes... “So what have they got at the moment?”

Regardless of how you would answer it right now, it’s time to get passionate about your job & the company you work for! See, it is impossible to fake passion. You can deuce yourself with as many Red Bull’s or coffees in the morning to fake it till you make it, but if you want to become really successful, you need to LOVE THAT CAR!

See I once had a job selling fruit and vegetables door to door. Now I love fruit, and I think eating veggies is a pretty good idea. But did I love them? Do I buy "Fruit & Veg Weekly" at the newsagent? Did I really believe my product would help customers and solve their needs/wants? Well... I was half hearted. And guess what? I got half-hearted results.

If you want top results, you need a top conviction. A conviction that your brand is a THE product that can solve the driving needs/wants of every person in Australia.

I hope you can passionately & enthusiastically explain "why buy a car from us" at the BBQ as well as you do in the showroom with a customer. Because after all, the best customers are the ones you already know…

This Week’s Challenge!
Do some internet surfing. Find 3 things you didn’t know about the company and do some background on previous models.

Sell what you love and love what you sell!

Dave Benson

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Comment by Brian Bennington on October 29, 2015 at 6:30pm

I've got to tell ya Dave, I love you guys from "Down Under"!  Reading your post, I noticed you use a few expressions I haven't heard.  I'd guess a "not so cold-esky" is a broken Polish refrigerator, something we stay away from importing here.  As to "you can deuce yourself with as many Red Bulls or coffees...," that sounds like a really private and unmentionable activity exclusively for women, however you're from Australia and men just might be into it there.  By the way, the reason all the guys at the BBQ are relatively indifferent is because you left the best part of the event out.  That when, before everyone goes home, they throw their house keys into a hat, and then each gets to pick one out.

Serious though, it was a nice post packed with good advice.  But, I suggest you remember one very important thing.  "Youth and enthusiasm is never a match for age and treachery"!      

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