St. Louis SEO Company Breaks Tradition With Money Back Guarantee

St. Louis SEO Company Breaks Tradition With Money Back Guarantee

 Local SEO Company does the unbelievable by offering small business owners an iron-clad money back guarantee with their SEO services.

Jon Floyd, a spokesman for St. Louis BizTalk, says that "it is vital for SEO companies to do quality work and at the same time protect the investments of small business owners."

Mr. Floyd decided enough is enough. St. Louis BizTalk, a trusted nationwide local SEO company, is taking the industry by storm in changing how marketing companies do business and are perceived.

"We stand behind our services one hundred percent and have put our money where our mouth is by providing a 90-day money back guarantee. Now businesses can move forward with their marketing goals with a new found confidence."

St. Louis Local SEO Company and Services

What use to work by SEO standards is no longer acceptable to all the major search engines. We give Google, Bing and Yahoo what they want and that is good content that is viewable on all devices including smartphones.

St. Louis BizTalk accomplishes this by building mobile-friendly websites which is crucial when you take into consideration that over 52 percent of searches are now done on smartphones and this number grows by the millions each year.

In a former press release, STLBT stated that a website ranked number 1 or 2 in a Google search could possibly fall to the bottom of the page or entirely disappear to a lower page if not mobile-friendly. This in turn could cause a loss of thousands of dollars for a local business which would be disastrous.

And for companies that need a strong presence on the web, St. Louis BizTalk will custom build a website designed for lead generation and then they give the business owner 60 to 90 days of free local SEO services worth approximately $4200 which in essence makes their website purchase absolutely free.

Although the website is easy-to-use and aesthetically pleasing to the eye, it is the blog which oddly enough is the marketing catalyst in dispensing good, quality content to readers who are potential new customers. And this content includes both high authority articles and powerful videos that internet visitors love to watch.

Mr. Floyd ended this interview by saying that they have been inundated with positive responses. When new clients trust you as an SEO company, good things happen for these local businesses. They receive a good lead generation system which brings them new buyers all the while protected by our 90-day money back guarantee.

"It feels good to offer this exclusive service to one business niche in each city and know that our clients can go to bed at night feeling good about their decision as we help them grow their business the right way."


StLouis BizTalk SEO Company (314) 627-5988


About St. Louis BizTalk:

St. Louis BizTalk, a full service nationwide marketing agency located in St. Louis, Missouri, also serves as an SEO news and industry consultant company helping small business owners to get the facts when it comes to improving their ability to attract new customers with SEO, web design and social media.

Contact Information:

Jon Floyd

St. Louis BizTalk

Phone:  (314) 627-5988

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