Stay Classy Grant Cardone...Just Having Some Fun

Is it any wonder why our business has such a bad reputation? Look at the picture below and see what one of our industry's supposed "bests" feels is an appropriate way to motivate.  

The Car Business is better than this Grant, thank you for continuing the stereotypes about our business...

When we first see an image like this we may laugh and joke around about it but what does this actually teach our employees? 


To be fair I pulled this screen shot from a video he posted on youtube.... 

What I love about this video is how effectively he devalues his own training. If the items in your store Grant are actually worth $10,000 give away $10,000 in cash, not a $500 Ipad.

Follow my thought pattern if you will...

$10,000 in the "Cardone store" = a $500 Ipad

$500 Ipad = Soon to be Obsolete 

So if the above is true then we can only come to the conclusion that...

$10,000 of Cardone Training = Soon to be Obsolete 


Please feel free to discuss what Value really means...


Here is the excerpt I originally posted as my status update on FB:

"So Grant Cardone posted a video contest that stated the winner of the contest will get either $10,000 of credit at the "Cardone Store"or.... Get ready for this an IPad.... So next time any dealers get a bill from grant Cardone for his training just send him an apple product worth 1/20th of the bill amount and you'll be square"


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