Texting solutions for car dealerships

Dealerships today need to be as competitive as possible and use as many options as they can to bring communication with their customers to another level. Besides face-to-face consultations, it is sometimes essential that conversations continue outside the dealership. For example, if your mechanic is doing the repair and needs an urgent confirmation from the customer – what should he do? Wait for them to come at a scheduled time and postpone the repair altogether, costing the customer time and money? Of course not.

There are numerous solutions to keep the talk going, and here we present you only the most viable ones which include text messaging.


Three texting solutions

Sending texts are the best option for any dealership because it cuts off missed calls, noise, unread emails, etc. Did you know that text messages have the highest open-rates? No wonder, since all generations seem to prefer it. So, here is what you can employ at your dealership today.


1. DMS integrated texting

Dealer Management Systems (DMS) or Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems sometimes have a texting tool integrated within their platform. This kind of software is used for managing customer appointments, sending automated emails to clients or even managing vehicle inventory, deals, and BHPH as in the case of DMS.

However useful they may be for running a car dealership, they are sometimes counterintuitive, and users struggle using them. Since their user experience is quite low, they may not be such an excellent option for a modern dealer. Instead, you can start thinking about a DMS integrated texting option.


2. Social networks

Thinking about where your customers spend most of their time might be a great idea given the fact that today many Americans have Facebook, Twitter or Instagram accounts and are online almost all the time. However, concerning business, contacting customers via instant messaging apps may not be such a good idea.

The reasons for this are numerous, data privacy being only a tip of the iceberg. Private conversations via third party websites or apps are gone as soon as your employees leave the room, which may pose a risk of liability. So if you want your dealership to be more polished, start thinking about other options.

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