The Challenge: The automotive industry is recovering from the most massive business contraction in its history. While the playing field has been cleared and offers competitive opportunities, the reality is that dealers face many challenges to growing their business and competing effectively in this new marketplace.


  • Traffic is down
  • Sales are down
  • Ad dollars are misdirected and ineffective
  • Inbound sales calls are poorly handled
  • Personnel performance is unmanageable
  • Vendor performance is difficult to track
  • Special Finance and other specialized departments are burdens on dealership resources

With these and other factors affecting day to day operations, the question is, how do you allocate resources and increase efficiencies? Chances are you have made significant reductions in personnel and expense over the last few years. How do you ramp up with the limited flexibility you face?

It’s like the question of what came first, the Chicken or the Egg?

You need to add resources in order to generate new business, but you need new business in order to afford the resources.How do you scale so that you don’t overspend or sacrifice growth?

The Solution

With this scalability challenge in mind, Jim Crouse, founder and former CEO of BarNone, has developed a cloud based platform of products and services that enable dealers and automotive marketing companies to grow business incrementally with controlled variable expense. The CloudOne platform offers access to Best of Breed marketing components that a dealer can use on an ala carte, monthly basis to help grow their business on a scalable level. The CloudOne platform flexibility enables measured growth with reduced total marketing costs and increased return on investment.

The CloudOne platform is a cohesive marketplace of lead generation and fulfillment components that represent the best practice capabilities that BarNone achieved while servicing thousands of dealers across the country. The CloudOne platform also includes strategic partnerships with best practice companies that have emerged over the past several years. From this substantial offering, you can pick and choose individual products or services, add to what’s working, scale back when you need to, all from one central online location.

  • Streamlined
  • Efficient
  • Scalable
  • Trackable
  • Easy to use

The Call Center Backbone

The CloudOne platform is anchored by the capabilities and efficiencies represented through the CloudOne Call Center. These Call Center services represent fulfillment best practices that have been developed through the answering of more than 8 million phone calls. The proprietary scripting engines reflect data assimilated over a decade of answering telephone calls for dealerships. This data allows our call center to be the most effective, efficient and consistent means of facilitating customer inquiries and appointments to your dealership.

One of the ways the Call Center can be employed is in the replacement of ineffective and expensive personnel resources. The average employee burden on a dealership is $2500. The average employee works 173.33 hours per month, providing 25% coverage of the total phone time per month. For the SAME dollar amount, the CloudOne Call Center provides 100% coverage of the phones, 24/7, 365 days of the year. One employee can handle one call at a time – the Call Center can facilitate multiple calls. With the CloudOne Call Center your coverage and consistency are known factors and reliable.

Because the CloudOne Call Center processes have been developed over millions of customer interactions, the efficiencies are much higher than the average dealership. Statistically, the CloudOne Call center processes result in more than double the appointments set than those by dealership personnel.

With more than double the appointments set, and all other factors remaining the same, the CloudOne Call Center services translate into MORE THAN TWICE the amount of sold units than those derived through the dealerships fulfillment practices.

One of the easiest ways to immediately benefit from the capabilities offered under the CloudOne platform is to route your current special finance and/or inventory marketing campaign traffic to the CloudOne call center.

We will be able to immediately measure and analyze each campaign’s performance, from response rate, to appointments set, to deals closed. With the CloudOne call center, you will be able to establish a baseline of campaign performance that will allow you to make critical marketing decisions based on those measurements.

It's 2011, and CloudOne is ready to help you TURN UP THE VOLUME.

For more information and a complimentary analysis and demonstration click here

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