Imagine, if you will, a ladder. This ladder represents the entire credit market and each rung is a bucket of credit scores. At the top is the prime rung. Just below that is near prime and below that subprime. On many dealers' ladders, the lowest rung is below subprime. The problem with this rung is that it moves. Some months this rung is down around 550, some months it is up around 650.

Now imagine your prospective customers on this ladder. They move up and down as their credit either improves or deteriorates. For those with the poorest credit, sometimes they fall off the bottom of the ladder. How many fall off depends on where that bottom rung is located that month.

Now imagine one more rung on the bottom of that ladder, Buy Here - Pay Here. No matter how the subprime and below subprime rungs might move, the BHPH rung is always there to catch a prospective customer. And it is within reach for almost everyone in your market who needs a vehicle.

Doesn't it make sense to have a financing option available for almost all your prospective customers? How many more sales could your dealership produce if you added that rung to your credit ladder?

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