The Rise of the Authentically Branded Advisor of Sales and Service

Authenticity refers to truthfulness, character, integrity, commitments kept, sincerity, devotion, and upright intentions to help others.

Early Adaptors, those desiring to be ahead of the curve who want it now, not after everyone else is doing it, lead the way in a new movement towards "CPR the Heart of Business."  This CPR will surely revive and thrive the "Heart" of one's individual business, while doing the same for the entire business.  C = Communication, P = Process, and R = Relationships.  CPR is at the Heart of a movement away from the life of a sales and service front-line person as we know it, to a new energized, synergized and tech-savvy Brander extraordinaire.

Can there be a complete conversion taking place soon; a crossing the bridge away from the habits of today to new authentic professional tech savvy habits that engage, energize and validate the Doer, Brander, Producer with prospects, customers business affiliates, personal affiliates, all becoming fans of each other, helping each other?   No, I am not speaking here of Social Media.  I am referring to special one-on-one personal touches that, through personal video, brands and helps one become "The One" others want to do business with and refer their family and friends to do business with as well.

Joe Girard became the world's greatest salesman year after year by branding himself better than anyone else using the telephone, mail, referrals and Service department.  The "Rise of the Authentically Branded Advisor of Sales and Service" will brand themselves to any level they choose, perhaps even nearing Joe's records, by using his 4 branding initiatives + personal VIDEO.  If Joe had video back then he likely would have quintupled his business, since his customers loved the way Joe serviced them.  Agree?

Do you have a regular dentist?  Why?  Do you have a regular Pharmacy?  Why?  Do you have a regular hair cut/styling place?  Why?  Who do you know that uses a business regularly because of a specifically branded person within the business?  I personally return to my dentist twice a year because of "my" Dental Hygienist.  Did you know that Google views how others think of an Authentically Branded Advisor of Sales and Service no differently than the way others think of business?  This Authentic one practicing Business Person Reputation Branding in Synergy with others will prove to brand oneself and the business better than ever in this movement.  Business marketing today is largely unconnected with the individuals of the business.  Yet, what a consumer truly wants is a connection with an Authentically Branded Advisor willing to offer the love and service extraordinaire wanted today.  It is all about love and service, most professionally and humbly given, without thought of reciprocation, that early adapters see as their liberating right become the best example of themselves on their on professional terms. 

We may live in one of the silliest societies in the world.  We glamorize the unimportant - looks, sex, entertainers - and trivialize the important - fidelity, commitment, loyalty, faith, hope and love.  We have learned to worship sex and devalue love.  Authentic early adapters here know it is all about love and service to win big.  They get it.  They get the fact that authentic love and service is what most everyone wants, and they freely give it beyond expectations. 

Video validates.  Video provides transparency.  A smiling and engaging short video is perfectly understood  against a long text email whose non-voice and non-smile are often misunderstood.

In this new movement one succeeds by helping others, collaborating with many, by adding value to others lives, being quite generous, transparent, honest, validating, and true.  When Business Person Reputation Branding in Synergy Brands Business Better Than Ever, joy, trust, loyalty, retention soar.  These relationships are powerful fruits that enable authentic branders to enjoy greater collaboration, better reputations, and better business.

Authentic Branders genuinely want to help better others lives.  If the current sales pros and average sellers were given the choice of staying where they are, doing what they are doing or move to this new type of branding doer, which would they choose?  As the old business of fear, greed and What's In It For Me is crumbling, a new authentic brander is emerging offering CPR to the Heart of people in synergy and cooperation.  Here one is leveraging oneself through great love and service towards others, much like Joe Girard did, but without the steroid effect of personal video. 

Early adapters here feel empowered building relationships and business better, rather than the domineering and controlling relationships currently experienced.  Which business model would you prefer here, the same old, or the new?

I do not believe we should embrace debate over fixing or defending our old system that destroyed loyalty (less than 20% return for service from sales).  Let that ship sink, agree?  There is no business entity out there with enough money to buy back all the loyalty lost.  Nevertheless, the Rise of the Authentically Branded Advisor of Sales and Service will resurrect many, many, many lost souls wanting more and more of this Business Person Reputation Branding in Synergy - love and service at its most professional self.  Think About It! 

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Comment by Tom Loyalty Coach Wiegand on March 8, 2012 at 1:00pm

I appreciate you, Bobby!  Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation is an effort to pump blood through the heart.  In addition, the rescuer breathes into the mouth to push air into the lungs.  Better Communication skills within laser focused best example Processes builds Relationships that revives retention and reputation.  There is a unique link between life giving CPR to the Heart of the person, and life giving CPR to the Heart of the Business!

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