The Ugly Truth about Mobile Apps in the Automotive Industry

The following is a true story…


I was recently told my by one of my dealers that a “consultant” informed him, “mobile apps don’t work…no one gets downloads.”


Now I’m sure he is a good consultant and that he has probably done a good job for this dealer….because the dealer “trusts” his judgment.


But my first thoughts were…how can he say that! Mobile apps are predicted to be a $27 billion industry in 2013!  Retail giants like Home Depot, McDonalds, Walmart, and Starbucks are making mobile apps a center piece of their growth strategy.


But on second thought…if you don’t have an app that is actively supported by your app developer and backed by industry-leading best practices, then you might be right!


It’s absolutely mandatory to find an app developer that supports you with a best practice download plan and an account management team that provides you with weekly progress meetings and analytics.


You may also want to choose a developer that offers a lifecycle customer journey, giving your app the steroids it needs to attract and engage with your dealership customers, increasing revenue and customer loyalty.


Mobile technology is the FASTEST technology in HISTORY!  It is a marketing channel that you cannot ignore. Apps are present in your neighborhood and people ARE downloading. Those dealers who adopt this channel early will win the market share.


Go here to learn more about how mobile apps are driving dealer success.


Are you running a mobile app in your store? Please share your success stories on this thread.


-          Susie Peeler, Director, Mobile App Sales, DMEautomotive

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