Three Simple SEO Problems (You Can Fix Today)

We’ve covered a lot of the bigger issues surrounding social media marketing and Business SEO, but it’s not always the bigger things that hurt you the most. Sometimes, it’s the simple stuff that comes back to bite you. Here are three things you can fix in an afternoon that may save you from slipping in the rankings.

-Broken links. If your website has broken links, it indicates a lack of quality. Some people will say it’s okay to have a couple broken links, and they’re right, a couple won’t kill you, by why let that happen? Check your links once a month or so (plenty of free tools online) and ensure that they all still point at active sources. It’s also worth noting that they should be pointing to reputable sites, as linking bad-neighbors reflects poorly on you. All of this goes double for internal links, which should never be broken.

-Missing images. This is a big red flag, but also easy to spot. If your site is missing images on main pages, it’s a clear indication of apathy. Fix it.

-Spelling. Spelling matters, everyone. No one is perfect; if you read enough content from anyone, you’ll find mistakes (the fact that I’m writing about it means there will be at least one in this blog, Murphy’s law). The trick is to keep the mistakes to a minimum. Google wizard Matt Cutts has said himself that spelling matters, and an abundance of mistakes will get you penalized. Do yourself a favor and have someone proof your work, or even just run it through an MS Word spellcheck to catch anything flagrant.

Take a little time today and look over your site for these three easy-to-check (and solve) problems. I know we’ll be doing the same!


Original post about Simple SEO Fixes can be found on Wikimotive's blog under the title, "Three Things That Hurt Your Rank (That You Can Fix Today)"

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