Top 10 Transportation Apps That Will Keep You Moving

It seems like 2017 has a digital solution for every problem out there. Unfortunately, a lot of people falsely assume apps are just there to entertain us, where in truth, they are there to help us be efficient at whatever it is we do. Most notably, we are here today to talk about apps that facilitate our transportation in many ways. So, with this in mind, here are top 10 transportation apps that will keep you moving.

  1. CityBikes

A lot of cities around the globe decided to fight global warming in a completely revolutionary way. Namely, they decided to make their commute greener by opening bike centers everywhere. Here, tourists or locals can rent bikes. The App CityBikes simply helps them find these stations much easier.

  1. ETA

Time is money and no matter how long you live in a place, it is sometimes incredibly hard to make accurate estimations of when you will arrive at your target destination. Luckily, you can use ETA app to accurately estimate your arrival time. The best thing about it is that it works for both on-foot commute and any other means of transport.

  1. Transit

The next app we are discussing is called simply Transit and it is supposed to help you be more efficient at using public transportation. Here, you can get some basic information on subway or bus lines, which can make your urban commute much more efficient. This is great for both those who use public transportation as a main means of transport, as well as for those who use it occasionally.

  1. MotionX GPS Drive

Now, MotionX GPS Drive has a great informative value. First of all, it gets you a detailed map of your itinerary with all the pit stops, gas stations and even coffee shops you are supposed to pass by. Furthermore, it also informs you about the vital information of the route, like speed limits. All in all, a handy item to have for a drive around the city.

  1. Instatruck

When speaking about transportation, a lot of people assume we are talking about everyday commutes, like going to work or gym. Still, what about transporting larger items? Luckily, there is an app to help you out with this as well. With the help of Instatruck app, you can easily get the right truck in just a few clicks. Additionally, this amazing app comes completely free of charge.

  1. Triplog

There are a lot of reasons why you would want to know how long some of your most common driving routes are. With the help of Triplog, you can have all of that, without being distracted from the road. The way the app works is quite simple. Whenever you are moving faster than five miles per hour, it is tracking your progress as long as you have your phone by your side. That simple.

  1. Waze

Anyone who has ever searched for a travel app knows about Waze, the number one community-based navigation app. Here, road participants collaborate in order to give each other the accurate picture of the road.

  1. Uber

It would be simply insane to talk about transportation apps and not to mention Uber. This revolutionary app has all but suppressed taxi services all over the world by offering a cheap, reliable and efficient means of public transportation.

  1. Runkeeper

Of course, there are always those who are primarily concerned with their health so much that they choose to run wherever they go. Fortunately, with the right app like Runkeeper, their cardio sessions can become even more interesting, insightful and much more efficient.

  1. Google Maps

Finally, sometimes all you need is to have a quick reminder of where something is. For this, there is no need to download a complicated, expensive or demanding app. All you need is to download Google Maps on your phone and type in the address of the place you are looking for.


As you can see, no matter what type of transport you choose to use, with the right app it becomes much easier. The best thing about it is that most of these apps are actually completely free to download and use making you actually want to be on the move. What a time to be alive!

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