Train, Train Hard, Train Like Your Income Depends On It!!! Because it Does !!!

It seems that so many dealerships are wanting to increase their sales so they end up throwing more dollars at advertising.  You can do that, but it's going to give you Bad Gross...

Gross that you had to buy...

A better way to handle this desire for more sales and increased gross is to Train Your Sales Staff.  With a trained sales staff you will close more deals and hold more gross without spending more money. 

This is called Good Gross...

Good Gross as you can see is where we need to place our focus as managers and GM's, controlling expenses as we increase profit.  Training your sales people and staying focused on their skills is time well spent that will pay out huge dividends.  But you can't do this once and be done, this is an ongoing venture that you commit to.  To be in the Top 10% of sales people they will need to Train, Practice, Drill and Repeat.

If you Train Your Sales People the Money will Follow...

Take a look at the training course that we have put together, it gives you a complete Process and Sales Flow designed to Keep your Sales People grounded and on track.

I've spent over 25 years in the Automotive Business and Training has always been one of the biggest issues that we seem to run into... but it's something that must be done to control costs and increase our bottom line.

Training & Resource Center

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