Yes I said it…. But let me also say this...

I am Proud to be American... Proud of my Family... Proud to be in the "Car Biz"

Proud to be amongst my piers... The brightest... The most Positive... The most Supportive...

It is an honor and indeed priviledge to share and grow with the best... Some who have even been a big influence in my ongoing, everchanging, evergrowing career it nourishes, flourishes just like this fast paced industry it is associated with!  Let us grow with it... Adapt with it... Learn with it... Adjust with it!

There cannot be a forest fire with only one tree!
This horse is way past glue at this point!
We can take back what was NEVER lost…
A new year approaches us… One we would all like to reap what we have sewn!
Be prepared to eat your harvest!
Let us focus our attention on the real REASON for The SEASON!! You Know…
The manger
The 3 wise men
Baby Jesus
The reason for the season!

How about more of that "True" talk!  and less of what is not Truth?

As I write this there are literally 11 days left til “The Day”
Then another 6 days til we ring in 2012!
Let us reflect instead on our blessings this past year and our hopes in anticipation of a prosperous year to come…

 One more prosperous than the year before!! That is a better picture to "Paint"...

Cherish your family, your belongings, your health, your freedom, your independence, your salvation…
I vow for myself, my family, and others around me to make 2012 a better year than 2011…

No matter what the price or the lack thereof!!
Adversity causes you to work smarter and always be a step ahead of competition or saboteurs!

This is the Greatest Industry Ever… and No One can take that way from us at any price!!
This business gave me the Life I had, the Life I lost… and the Life I took back!
The only thing that can stop me, we, us, you… is ourselves!

We can afford to "pay attention" because of our efforts… and those same very efforts can be why we can afford not to "pay attention!"

Controversy is validation of a cause…. Keeping it relevant… Keeping it thriving, striving… Alive!
Kill The beast? Yes Kill it… Slay it! Make it disappear like it was never there!

Quit feeding the beast and it will die of starvation!

What beast? True cares anymore! I don’t believe in you!

Mr. and Mrs. Customer… Price comes and goes! A relationship should last forever if you are committed!
I am committed…. Have you earned the right to ask if the relationship ends here or is it just the beginning!
Yes everything has a price… Except life you cannot put a price on that! You cannot undercut a life!
…. Or a relationship!

The internet… Information age did not kill us… so don’t let it create a fictional beast either!
Build Value… Build relationships… Build bridges… build Trust… Build rapport… build obligation!

Merry ChristMas!
Happy New Year! Happy selling! Good Tidings to all!
God Bless… Tis the Season!

Thank you for all that you have shared this past year!

Look forward to sharing with you in 2012!
Jason “Jmac” McIntosh

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Comment by Jason McIntosh "Jmac" on December 16, 2011 at 9:46am

Very True Marsh! I figure that anything over invoice is a gratuity that has to be earned. When you go out to eat the cost of the meal is the same but the total cost with gratuity may vary depending on the service provided by the server.

My customers bought "ME" not so much "price" and the ones who were so price driven and not relationship driven I would have been better off not selling in the long run anyway esp when it came time to get survey.

When this goes away something else will resurface... I say  "So what!" Get that cheese!!!!

Comment by Marsh Buice on December 15, 2011 at 10:27pm
Excellent, excellent, post brother. love conquers all things..there are too many of us who love this industry to see it consumed. the cheese has once again been moved, we are an industry of few who can face what we have, adapt, and continue to thrive. very inspiring.

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