Use Social Media to Educate Consumers (and possibly blow their minds)


The days of businesses focusing their efforts on entertaining their fans on social media are behind us… at least they should be. Today, people expect more out of businesses. They expect to be shown things that they don’t normally see from their friends and family. If they follow a business, they aren’t looking for that business to post funny cat pictures or memes. They get enough of those already.

One of the most popular things we posted this week was on a car dealer’s Facebook page. It wasn’t a hot concept car or a restored muscle car. It wasn’t some local attraction or hometown hero. It was a picture of power outlets. Thankfully, these weren’t your standard power outlets that come in most vehicles. It was the uniqueness of the console that made the post so popular.

Most people aren’t used to seeing the sort of power that this particular vehicle had available:

Power Outlets

When you have an opportunity to show your customers something they might not know about your product, you’re being useful. You’re delivering what they want a business to deliver to them in their feeds. In this case, it worked out and received strong sentiment from fans and friends of fans alike, receiving over 100 likes and getting exposed to thousands of local potential customers. Just because something is common knowledge to you doesn’t mean that it won’t have the “wow factor” to your customers. Show them the goods! You can blow their minds with some of the neat features your products have to offer.

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