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Your Automotive Social Media Checklist

Social media is one of the strongest marketing strategies for dealerships. Are you using social media to its full extent? Use the KPA Social Media Checklist to keep your online presence on track.

There are plenty of tips and tricks out there for social media, but this checklist has been applied and proven to be successful specifically for car dealers.

Do you have an online presence? Make sure to provide multiple social media channels to your consumers. Currently, the…


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Canned Social Media Marketing in an Hour Per Day #Infographic

Can of Social Media

Under normal circumstance, I do not like the types of social media strategies that try to can them into basic processes with time limits. Sure, it’s good to have guidelines, but I find that they’re normally too limiting to allow people to make the right decisions. This infographic is somewhat like that, but it’s design is just too cool in its…


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How Branding Posts Set Up Power Posts on Facebook

Brand Power

There are several different ways that dealers go about using Facebook for marketing. Some use it for branding only. Others use it for business communications only. Sometimes, the best way to go about it is to do both. They compliment each other nicely when it’s done right.

It’s important to understand that you shouldn’t post irrelevant content even if it’s for branding purposes. That always has to be stated because all…


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Use Social Media to Educate Consumers (and possibly blow their minds)


The days of businesses focusing their efforts on entertaining their fans on social media are behind us… at least they should be. Today, people expect more out of businesses. They expect to be shown things that they don’t normally see from their friends and family. If they follow a business, they aren’t looking for that business to post funny cat pictures or memes. They get enough of those already.

One of the most…


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Four Types of Facebook Posts that Dealers can Rotate if They Must


There are too many opportunities out there in the world of social media that makes it a bad idea to ignore the medium. Businesses can make an impact if they put in the effort. Unfortunately, not everyone is ready.

It’s still possible to put in minimal effort and have a decent presence. When it’s time to put in full effort, you’ll be better prepared if you have a nice string of daily content that fills your pages.…


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How to Start Over with a Facebook Page

Reset Button

Oh, the regrets. Things happen. We start heading down the wrong direction and suddenly we find ourselves in a bad place. What am I talking about? Facebook pages. Most businesses have them. Most businesses are doing them wrong. Some have done them so wrong in the past that it’s better to start from scratch. As much pain as that may cause, the alternative is worse.

The way that the EdgeRank algorithm works combined with…


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Second Screen Usage During Commercials Highlights Social Media's Potential

Second Screen Television Ads

Quick, what’s the first thing you do when a commercial comes on the television. The standard answers without thinking about it are: flip through the channels, go to the restroom, or get up to get a drink.

Now, think about it more thoroughly. What do you really do when a commercial comes on. The answer for many Americans and people around the world is that they grab their smartphone or tablet and do…


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If You Want Attention on Google+, Go Large and Horizontal with Your Images

New Google Plus

When Google+ first rolled out their change, we called it “Twitteresque“. After exploring it further for the last couple of weeks, we believe that it’s actually better than Pinterest in many ways… and worse.

One of the ways that it’s definitely better…


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Automotive Social Media is Open 7 Days a Week

Always Open

Many dealers are trying and failing at social media. Some are succeeding. One of the keys to finding success is in taking on an “always open” mentality.

Just like a website should always be on, social media requires constant attention, particularly Facebook. It doesn’t sleep. It doesn’t take weekends off. In fact, some have seen that the weekends are when the real activity happens. For some pages, they’re receiving…


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What do Abandoned Facebook Pages Say About Your Business?

Ghost Towns

In many ways, Facebook has lost some of its luster as a business tool. It isn't that it's not possible to properly market a business on the platform. It's that the complexity of the EdgeRank algorithm mixed with the touchiness of the advertising formats has many turning autopilot onto their pages instead of investing time or money into them.

They just weren't seeing a return on investment…


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A Case for Posting Lots of Good Content on Your Website

Hello My Name Is Content

Content speaks for itself. It speaks for a company. It speaks to the people.

Most business websites are sorely short on content. Sure, they have sales content and information about the company, but so few today are actually putting out high-quality content about relevant topics that make their websites more of a resource. Today, people want to trust a company before doing business with them and content is the easiest…


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Kissing Up to the Facebook and Google+ Algorithms

Kissing Upv

There’s a fine line between making social media useless by posting things that aren’t relevant for business and making it ineffective by having posts that are too promotional, thus killing the posts through “death by algorithm”. Done right, businesses have the ability to be interesting enough to make the algorithms like them while being relevant enough…


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Google+ Dimensions and Sizing Cheat Sheet

Google+ Specifications

Every time a social network makes a change to their layout, design firms around the world groan about how they now have to redo a ton of different artwork. Social media is big business and companies will pay big bucks to look just right on their pages and profiles.

Google had a change of their own recently on Google+, including one major change to profile and page layouts that made the…


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Your Social Media. It Needs More Cowbell.

“I gotta have more cowbell!”

It has become one of the…


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For Dealers, Facebook should be about what's Happening in the Real World

Real World Events

One of the most important lessons you can learn in Facebook marketing for your business is that you can have a much greater impact on your performance online through Facebook by focusing on what’s happening in the real world. Facebook is virtual, but that doesn’t mean it has to focus on the virtual world. Make it real.

If your business is out…


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5 Step Process for Promoting Content on Social Media Quickly

The Flash

In an ideal world, marketing content through social media would be an extended process because we would all have the time to do it the right way. We could focus on positioning it, nurturing it, and timing everything out exactly like it should be timed. Unfortunately, this isn’t a perfect world and we have to maximize our results while minimizing the time and effort to achieve them.

There are plenty of shortcuts…


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Wasn't Email Supposed to be Dead by Now?

Email Smartphone

At the World Economic Forum in 2004, Bill Gates made an interesting promise. “Two years from now, spam will be solved.”

The rise of social media has had others making other predictions for years. One such prediction has been in the form of bloggers and technology experts declaring that email will be dead by 2009, then 2010, then 2011… and on……


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Facebook's Corrected Insights May be a Red Herring for Improved Exposure for Pages

When Facebook announced last week that Insights, their page-level analytics platform, had been reporting the…


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Don't upload photos to Pinterest

Pinterest Cars

They say you learn something new every day. I learned something about Pinterest the other day that blew my mind a little. Users like links. This might seem like a no-brainer to some, but it goes against what I’ve learned in my years on the various social networks. On most networks, there are images and there are links. Images normally perform the best across the board. Links, on the other hand, do not.…


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3 things businesses need to know about their Twitter strategy

Twitter is still the most used social network by businesses. This surprises some, but the latest statistics showed that 77% of businesses were on Twitter versus 74% on Facebook. It’s not a big difference, but it’s still at least a little surprising to…


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