Your Automotive Social Media Checklist

Social media is one of the strongest marketing strategies for dealerships. Are you using social media to its full extent? Use the KPA Social Media Checklist to keep your online presence on track.

There are plenty of tips and tricks out there for social media, but this checklist has been applied and proven to be successful specifically for car dealers.

Do you have an online presence? Make sure to provide multiple social media channels to your consumers. Currently, the following four are king:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google+
  • Pinterest

Have an abandoned page? Might as well not even have it. Make sure you maintain a consistent posting frequency:

  • Post 4-5 days week, no more than twice a day.
  • Post on the weekends too.
  • Post at peak times for maximum exposure, typically around 10 A.M.

Measure your success. Your engagement matters and will show you where you need to improve:

  • Find out your ratio: look at your “talking about this” number and divide it by the number of page likes.

Are you talking? Successful social media is about communication.

  • Interact with your fans and followers 100% of the time. If they're willing to communicate, return the gesture.
  • Encourage the use of hashtags for easy tracking and interaction.

What social media accessories are you using? Use the following techniques to increase your reach:

  • Text
  • Images
  • Videos
  • Hashtags

Do you leverage your brand? Use content that your brand creates:

  • Repost your brand’s marketing and correlate them with your individual dealership.
  • Every brand has that special car that fans rally behind. Use that following to your advantage with tie-ins to your dealership.

Cats, memes, and babies are not strong content. Focus on local, relevant content:

  • Post high-quality, useful, high-quality, and entertaining content – that’s locally relevant!

Do you advertise? Boosting is cheap and goes a long way.

  • It’s easy to use Facebook to boost a post.  With $5-$20 dollars you can increase the number of people who see your posts.
  • Do not boost every post. Be selective.

Learn more about a good social media strategy with the KPA Dealer Webinar Social Media: What to do in the Next 6 Months.

Do you need further assistance? KPA offers 3 tiers of social media service. Contact KPA at 800.899.7791 or to improve your social media strategy.


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