"We're All In This Together" So Ditch The Pitch & Be Human

During this unprecedented time, we all need to focus on keeping the machine going and to do that with people in a widespread panic over CoVid-19 it's more vital than ever to show our humanity towards one another. Once industry resumes as what will be the new normal, your clients and customers will remember who showed empathy and compassion when they were hurting, panicked, or freaking out about an invisible threat.

I've gotten the most genuine short conversations and even a few working deals from being genuinely interested in inquiring about people's well being and informing them that given the diversity of people that I interact with, that should any needs arise to please call me and I will try to help them find a solution. If I don't have that solution, I probably know someone I can contact who does. The automotive business is a business of connections. Sometimes the most rewarding ones are the ones you make for other people. In that regard, that is truly where it is a people business.

Take the time to make hospitality calls to those in your database to reassure them that come what may, you're going to still be there when the dust settles and be ready to attend to them quickly and without delay.

This is going to bottleneck sales and service for some time and those that prepare ahead of time for those needs will be the ones poised to meet them when they arrive.

Be diligent. Be cautious. Be hopeful. But also remember above all to BE READY!

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