Are you familiar with a VBDC? A Virtual BDC is designed to take some of the work load off the dealership. The program is designed to offer help by taking the initial inbound call for you. Staff is highly trained to handle the calls accurately 100% of the time. The purpose is not to to change the process that the dealership already has in place, but to improve it. A Virtual BDC does not “replace” your in-house BDC.

               Having a Virtual BDC handle the incoming calls allows your team to focus on web leads and outbound calls. We all know that the BDC team is interrupted every time an inbound call comes in, whether it’s a valid sales call or not. A VBDC team uses situationally appropriate call scripts when answering inbound calls, making on-going follow-up calls, and when doing outbound campaigns.

               A structured team is going to enhance the process that you already have in place. Ensuring that your calls are being screened properly, and appointments are being set! Thus alleviating the most crucial piece, giving you peace of mind.

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Comment by Chris Vitale on January 9, 2021 at 2:34am
Love the descriptions! I couldn’t agree more!

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