If you are looking to get better and make changes in the areas that would make the biggest impact on your production and business. One of the keys that you must use to direct you – is to focus on what you have control over.

A lot of sales trainers and consultants that are putting content out specifically for the consumption of salespeople are talking about process topics. The challenge with that for salespeople is that in many cases they don’t have control over the sales process used. Even though in many situations, that sales process needs everything from a little tweaking to a total overhaul. If salespeople focus on the organizational process then it becomes exasperating and unproductive.

So … Let’s talk about something you have total control over and something that will make the difference between your success and failure.

When one of my daughters was in her mid-teens, believe it or not, she had a little attitude problem from time to time. We regularly had the discussion about the fact that her attitude was totally in her control. She alone made a decision about her attitude, daily and moment to moment. That decision was whether she was going to choose to have a good or bad attitude. She actually took a sticky note and put it on her mirror. She saw this note every day, the first thing in the morning. The note said “Attitude – Good or Bad – what do I choose?” Why was the type of attitude she had important? So that she would get along better with her parents? That was certainly a reason, but it was bigger than that. Her attitude mattered when it came to her relationships with friends and teachers, how she approached her schoolwork, how she dressed and how she talked. It affected everything about her.

We have that same decision to make every day. We choose whether or not to have a good or bad attitude.

Salespeople can’t afford to make the wrong decision. It is extremely vital to everything that you do. We’re more dependent upon our mindset than any other person in society.

Many people in different occupations, can go to work with a sour attitude, punch in and punch out and collect their next paycheck. For example, Jane Lunchbox is having a horrible morning in part due to a bad attitude or just a poor way of handling things that have happened and she has a job where she goes in, punches the clock, she carries that horrible attitude through the morning then continues with it throughout the day until she punches out at the end of the day. If that doesn’t happen every day she can get away with it and collect her check on payday.

As a salesperson, it doesn’t work that way for you and me. Because the basis of what we do is connecting with people to establish trust – a negative attitude or sour outlook will be like hitting a brick wall with our prospects and customers. What does it take for someone to connect with you? They have to be someone you want to connect with. if there is no smile, no enthusiasm or no sincere friendliness then you aren’t going to be open to connecting. And here is a warning – you can’t fake it! People will see through the insincerity quicker than you can imagine.

Again, if you are a salesperson, you can’t afford to make the wrong decision about what attitude you will have.

Zig Ziglar said “I’m not saying you can do everything with a good attitude. I’m just saying that you can do anything better with a good attitude than you can with a bad one.” He also said that on occasion, we all may need “A checkup from the neck up”.

Here are 4 steps you must take every day to ensure that you make the right decision about your attitude.

  1. You must create a morning routine that puts you in a positive mindset. Tony Robbins talks about your “state”. Your mindset and state of mind are affected by your posture and your physical stance. Create a morning routine that puts you in a positive and winning state. This routine can consist of:
    Read something encouraging, motivational and upbeat
    Listen to good music
    Pay attention to your posture – stand strong
    Everyone is different, but you must create this routine – it will ensure that you start your day with a positive outlook.
  2. You must review your goals daily and commit to a plan for the day that has those goals at the front of your mind. This will put you in a state of focus. That focus is on what you are wanting to accomplish. You envision your achievement of these goals which is positive and motivational for the day. If you truly want to achieve these goals, you know that you must carry a positive attitude into the day.
  3. You make a daily commitment to focus on others and be intentional about it. Commit to making a positive impact on the people you come in contact with. Look for opportunities to perform acts of kindness.
  4. Finally, you must make a commitment to yourself to constantly be aware of who you are listening to and hanging around with. Are they a positive influence? If not, you must cut them loose – you must not hang around or listen to people who don’t add value to your life and that create stumbling blocks to your achieving your goals.

The most important investment you can make in your day is to take this time each morning to intensely address your mindset for the day. Do it! Expect to Win!

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