Why Hiring and Training is Like Cleaning Toilets!

This is a commentary that I wrote back in July, 201 and it is true even today.

Let’s list the average priorities for the average Sales Manager by importance.

  1. First would be to close a deal or deliver a car.
  2. The second would be to make as much gross profit on that deal as possible.
  3. The third would be to make sure that the floor is covered at all times.
  4. Way down on the bottom of the list would be hire and train salespeople.

Why? Because it takes time away from their number one priorities. 

  1. It is not fun. It is time consuming.
  2. The list goes on and on. 

If you have ever cleaned a house or know anyone that cleans houses, the worst and most disgusting job is cleaning toilets. Most of the time, the only way it gets done is if you hire someone else to do it. If you do not hire someone to do it, most people wait until it has to be done. Someone is visiting or it gets so bad that it has to be done. Picking up papers, putting the dishes in the dishwasher or even dusting is necessary, but those jobs will get done before the toilets gets done.

When are salespeople hired and trained? They are right down there on the list by the toilet cleaning. People leave and the floor needs to be covered, is the number one reason for hiring salespeople in most stores. Because of this, poor
performing salespeople get three, four or more last chances before they are fired or they leave on their own. A group of salespeople are then hired until the floor cannot be covered again. Then it is time to clean the toilets, I mean hire more

There are products that clean the inside of the toilet bowl on a consistent basis, but the outside of the toilet and the floor will need attention at some time. In the same way, there are companies that provide salespeople for the dealership. The only thing the dealership has to do is place expensive block ads all over the place and then just pick who they want at the end of the week. If they don’t work out, the salesperson doesn’t get reimbursed for the training they received and they leave. Another unemployed person who tries automobile sales fails again.

If you do not have any tools, it is extremely hard to clean toilets. In the same way, if the Sales Managers do not have tools, it is extremely hard to find and hire salespeople. If you do not have a minimum performance standard for your
salespeople, a process in place to consistently look for quality people and a training process in place, you will always be cleaning toilets.

How can you accomplish this without hiring a Personnel Manager. First you must advertise for salespeople on a consistent basis. Every page of your website should have a way to advertise for salespeople. Your Mangers should have a website link on their business cards to give to people they meet at restaurants, department stores, etc. You need a consistent running ad that does not identify your dealership, but offers the position. You need a screening tool in place to consistently screen the applicant without expending man hours. You need a professional proven interview system and a risk assessment profile in order to make the best decision on an applicant. You need to automatically screen the applicants for drug, motor vehicle record and criminal record before you pay for the actual test. You need to have a 24/7/365 on line training program that applicants can complete before they actually start their employment or while they are giving their two week notice or until an opening comes up at your dealership.

Every large dealer group I have encountered has a HR Department, a Personnel Director, a Training Manager or all of the above. They set minimum standards for their sales force and send them back to training if they do not meet
the minimum. They are constantly looking for salespeople and upgrading their sales force. This allows the Mangers of the stores to concentrate on sales and gross profits, instead of cleaning toilets. By the way, your Mangers have no
problem with helping the top performers or even the middle performers do their jobs. It helps them accomplish their top priorities. Those salespeople are like sweeping the floor, dusting or picking up papers. It is the bottom 30% of the sales
force that we consider the dirty toilets and no one really cares about them until there are not enough bodies to man the floor.

We have a toilet cleaning system that will either give your Mangers the tools to clean them, clean them for your Managers or manage the cleaning of all of  your toilets, fast, easy and inexpensive.

Review at www.JFANow.com or contact me at 1-800-542-9340 if you would have
any questions or need our services.  I have personally hired and trained over 7,000 salespeople.

Jim Fisher

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