Why invest in customer experience in 2018

Every business has only one objective: reaching customers and obtaining their attention. This can be easily achieved if you satisfy the needs of your customers. Give them what they want, and they will turn from potential into your customers. If you are still hesitant about boosting customer experience at your dealership in 2018, here are some reasons that may convince you.

  1. Customers are your friends, not your foes.

The sooner you realize this, the better. It is essential to comprehend that you are not on the opposite side of customers; instead, you play for the same team. The moment you stop thinking of them as beings from other planets you will realize that they are now smarter than ever. And it has a lot to do with smartphones and other smart devices.

Today’s customers know what is good and, definitely knows what is bad. Before they enter your car dealership, the odds are that they will have already known a lot about the vehicle they want to service or purchase. They will have probably previously compared it to other shops, dealerships, vehicles, reducing the negotiation time, and speeding up the process. This trend is expected to continue in 2018, so it would be better for your business to take it as an advantage, and advertise for smart customers.

  1. Integration of solutions.

Every year we see a new communication channel. And every year, we see the acquisition of smaller software companies by bigger companies and integrating their solutions into larger systems. For example, recently we saw the acquisition of Google by Alphabet or WhatsApp by Facebook.

These are all famous examples, but they remind us of their end-goal: improvement of customer experience through all-in-one solutions. The modern consumers want it their way: they want everything, they want it to work correctly, and they do not want to look for it for too long.

  1. Rule of His Majesty, the Mobile Phone.

With the promotion of the tenth iPhone and all the new design trends, it is clear that gigantic phone companies expect to see an accelerated increase in revenue in the following year. By launching revolutionary designs and software components, it is imminent that the success of doing everything in the palm of your hand will finally be possible.

So why not ride this tidal wave? First of all, you need to adjust your website to mobile devices, i.e., implement responsive design. Second, connect your product reviews with social networks which anyone can easily access via mobile devices. And thirdly, employ a mobile texting solution at your dealership this year. This powerful technology can help you with information dissemination, it also allows for new marketing options, and is an excellent tool for improvement of communication between you and your customers.

Advantage txt. is a texting app specially designed for car dealership across the United States. It is an integrated solution which you can easily control from your DMS, pocket smartphone or any other device your dealership uses. This FCC-approved patent-pending solution is the only TCPA-compliant texting app in the US and has proven to improve sales and overall customer experience at many dealerships across the country.

Wait not for 2018 to come and go but text DEMO to (415) 903-8800 or give us a quick call to set up a demonstration of advantage txt. at your dealership. See the benefits of the best texting app in the US!

Msg&Data rates may apply ;-)


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Article originally published on www.advantagetec.com on December 27, 2017.

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