Why Video Is Important For Your Marketing Strategy

When businesses ponder how to increase their presence on search engines, they typically turn to SEO strategies. Content marketing has always been a large part of any SEO strategy. It’s a given that the more fresh, relevant and unique content you produce, the better chance your online properties will have of showing in search engine results. According to an article by Search Engine Land, in the past, when considering an SEO plan, the primary type of content marketers thought of was text. As consumer behavior changes, however, visual content is becoming increasingly important.


According to the article, a Google study that tracked consumers’ points of influence on their path to purchase, found that 64 percent of consumers were influenced by video they saw on YouTube – 2/3 of which were “how-to” and “product visualization” type video. These videos match the content type that auto dealers use. In fact, according to the study, 60 percent of consumers reported that online digital marketing factored into their path to purchase. And a recent article in the Wall Street Journal reported that experts are now advising marketers to move 10% to 25% of TV ad dollars to online video.

Today’s vehicle shoppers have many decisions to make along the path to purchase. A consumer who visits an online shopping portal will typically be presented with a list of vehicles that meet their criteria in order of price, lowest to highest. They will then start filtering out vehicles from those results based on such things as mileage, condition, vehicle descriptions and pictures and video provided by the dealer. Vehicles with no (or poor) descriptions or ones that lack photos and video have a greater likelihood of being passed over. Vehicle description pages that contain rich details including images and video stand a far greater chance at seeing customer engagement. It’s hard to believe that anyone would disagree with this very basic assessment.


The same idea translates to search engine optimization. The goal, obviously, in any search engine optimization strategy is to be found whenever a consumer makes a relevant search. According to Search Engine Land, however, that’s not what the real goal is (or should be). Simply showing up does nothing except satisfy a marketer or SEO practitioner’s ego. The true goal is click-through-rate. The more opportunities you can provide a customer who is searching for a vehicle to find your dealership and/or vehicle (i.e. the more times you appear within a given search), the greater the likelihood will be that they will click on a link to your content versus your competition. To accomplish this, you must have a presence on all the consumer touchpoints in every medium possible – video, images and text – thereby offering more content for a search engine to crawl and deliver within the results.


The bottom line is that consumers are using more resources than ever before when shopping for a vehicle. Ensuring that the type of content a consumer wants to see is present on every touchpoint is essential to increase web traffic and consumer engagement. Don’t get me wrong, simply throwing money into video marketing is not what I advise. You would be wise to invest in a comprehensive video strategy that maximizes the exposure, quality and effectiveness of your video content. It will make the difference and allow you to dominate all of your online marketing channels.

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Comment by MANNY LUNA on November 1, 2014 at 8:38pm

Video can help tremendously when optimized at it's full potential. Here's a little information that can help members learn how powerful video can be.

The expanding role internet plays in marketing has made online marketers to evolve useful strategies for marketing their products and services online. Contents play vital roles in creating information about any product or services for internet users. Video marketing helps create powerful contents about any product and it is shown to different categories of people all over the world.

Contents are presented on the web in different ways. These include the conceptual method, which is the written content, the aural method, which is the musical contents and the visual, or the image method, which includes video productions. Improvement on the internet has enhanced the streaming of high definition videos about anything to the web.

Video marketing has more benefits for the online marketer. It is a very powerful search engine optimization technique. It creates brand awareness, and it is more users engaging than other methods. The effects of these are easily felt through the huge traffics it generates. Apart from generating enough traffic, videos attract inbound link for the marketer. Videos are widely distributed across the web.

To benefit from video marketing, you must learn how to do videos. You should learn how to micro format it with creative titles, rich keywords, and high quality contents. If this were backed with rich articles, it would increase visibility of your website and convert online surfers. You must format the video in a way it could be paired with your high quality articles. This is the best SEO strategy you can implement today.

However, before your video content could stand out from the rest, much work is required from you. Your corporate story must be different from those of your competitors. Your testimonial videos should highlight all the benefits your prospects will make. You could develop a unique storyline and create fictional characters while outlining the benefits your products would offer to your potential customers. Web presenter videos should present something and fascinating. Source:VL Digital Marketing

I've seen dealers in some markets have great results in 45 days with a good video marketing strategy.

Great post! 

I wish everybody great success. 

Manny Luna

Comment by steven chessin on October 27, 2014 at 3:03pm


"Every carpenter thinks the world can be saved with something made from wood."
You call it a "Marketing Strategy". I tend to think of it as a "Sales Strategy" because I am looking further down-funnel to the conversion to leads per page views. The standard conversion is 2%. (20/1000) Since 10% convert to sales. That is 1 sale per 500 views. If CONTENT MATTERS and the definition of "Matters" is better results a 1% improvement in conversion to leads will increase sales by 50%. So you have to ask yourself .... do you think the right video can increase leads from 2% to 3% ?  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ru3OXGBHfk

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