Automotive Sales Training - Why Your New Year's Resolutions Fail

When you read the title to this article, did it make you wince? Did it make you a little angry? For most of you, you have already let your resolutions go to the wayside with empty promises. The good news is that you can achieve most, if not all, of your resolutions.


First of all, words are cheap. You must truly decide. You are who you decide to be at any given moment. When you truly decide to achieve something, you begin to walk, talk and act more like that person who has achieved the goal you desired. Every day provides you with RPE’s (Recent Positive Experiences) that give you proof you have achieved victory already — only the date and time have not been filled in.


Secondly, you must erase all your limiting beliefs and create a “superstar” mindset. You can’t act in confidence if your mind is telling you that your goal is impossible. You must write down what you want, and then listen closely to what your limiting beliefs are telling you. Write down those limiting beliefs and then erase them. You must start with a clean slate, or your subconscious mind filled with all those limiting beliefs will lead you like an autopilot directly to failure.


Begin to bombard your brain with evidence that what you want to do can happen. Listen to audios, watch DVDs and read positive material that supports your mission. There are millions of examples of people who have accomplished much tougher tasks than anything you can ever dream of and they did not have more talent, knowledge or anything else than you.


Begin to picture in your “mind’s eye” exactly what you want to happen in complete detail. Try to imagine, and then feel the exact emotions you will feel when you achieve your goal. You can dismiss this as silly if you want, but if you are not reaching your goals, you have to look in the mirror and take responsibility for what is truly silly. There are no excuses.


Behind every goal is a desired emotion. That emotion represents something you feel that you want or need. Ask yourself why you desire that. “When the ‘why’ gets strong, the ‘how’ gets easy.” When you know why you want something and what that fulfills in you, you can now begin to plan the daily actions that will lead you there.


You may not be able to determine exactly when you will reach your goal, but you should have a deadline to each and every goal you set. A sense of urgency is a key to achieving success in anything you do. It’s amazing what you can accomplish in a quicker period of time than you would have ever imagined if you give yourself a deadline. The best way I have heard this described is, if you had a gun to your head and had to accomplish this goal by the date determined, would you?


Once you achieve one goal, it will give you competence in how to achieve the next one. Competence = Confidence. Acting confidently in a competent manner each day leads to achievement of your goals. Don’t let another year go by without you achieving what you desire and deserve. Until you decide you deserve your goal, your desire will only be half-hearted. Here’s to you and toasting the achievement of all you desire.


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