This Wibiya toolbar thingy at the bottom of the screen is very annoying. And in case anyone cares to know. I tried this tool on my own blog because I thought (for about 10 minutes) that it was neat.

But then I did a site test and found that it slowed my site down for my visitors. It made my site load too slow. I realize that for this forum that's not that big a deal because this is a member site. However, am I the only person who keeps getting interrupted with stuff popping up on my screen from this toolbar?

Does anyone know if this is just a test DE is running or is this a permanent fixture? 

If it is here to stay I will definitely be "minimizing" it as often as needed to keep it out of my way.

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Comment by DealerELITE on January 27, 2012 at 2:40pm
Scott, thanks for your input regarding the social bar down below. I used this a long time ago on dE and never had an issue with the site speed. I did however have some members express some performance issues and I decided to remove the feature. The next issue I had were members complaining that it was gone! Guess you can't please everyone all the time.

I recently went back to Wibiya to take a look around and saw they added a new feature that will only load the bar once the web page loads in full. I speed tested the site with using this new feature and not; also with and without the bar at all. I found the bar did slow down performance when it was loading WITH the page. The speed was almost identical with or without the bar at all. So my last result was the performance with it completely gone and with the bar loading after the page were almost identical.

Please keep me posted. If it becomes an issue, we'll make the necessary changes. The good news is it's run by me and Chris Saraceno. We're real guys working in the retail world. We can do whatever we need to do for dE!!

Mike Myers, dE

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