2017 | Digital Marketing | A Complete Step by Step Guide

How to elect a President over the dead body of the mainstream media:

It is not really that hard.  You need to get the META data right, the distribution right (back-links), and the strategy right.

Since nobody else is going to do it well, or exactly enough, everything you write ranks for the desired terms, and gets found and seen.

In the examples below, each article ranks for multiple desired search terms on Google and the others.  Each is a template for successful content marketing.  By optimizing correctly, distributing correctly, and with the right strategy, you can do it too, if you are willing to get it exactly right.


For instance: if I search Google for 4 Day Whitewater Rafting  Reservations idaho on Google I find H2O Idaho Whitewater Rafting and Fishing Trips at H2O Idaho.com line one number one in the organic SRP's.  This is no accident. It was done with proper optimization of the site, and by writing, optimizing, and distributing an article digitally; this one:

248-447-7101 | H2O Idaho Whitewater Rafting and Fishing Trips Reser...

This video on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pg/h2oIdaho/videos/ one of many, has been seen over 11,000 times since then, along with many other videos in an ongoing campaign, including this recent one on YouTube:

The phone number is always clickable:

+1 208-447-7101 , the cost, a fraction of what you would expect it to be, less than a hotel room. They offer:


Salmon River Day Trips
Salmon River Overnight Trips
4-Day Lower Salmon Trip
Salmon River Custom Trips


Steelhead Trips
Bass Trips
Sturgeon Trips
Custom Trips

In order to achieve these things, and maintain them, Zack built his own WordPress website, made some good videos, and hired me for $300 to optimize it and spread it around. His competitors are 6 local companies who spend 0ver $6000 per month to share the leads from a joint website, and buy hits from lead generators, per click and per lead - White Water Rafting, Fishing and Hunting are big business in Idaho, with families and business groups coming from all over the world to experience this pristine, natural Big Salmon River Rafting, Camping, Hiking, Hunting, and Fishing.

Step by step how to guides: w/more examples in every industry:

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Success Manifesto

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Modern Content Marketing and SEO is accomplished by writing for five audiences at the same time:

  1. The Clients
  2. The Search Engines
  3. The Social Networks and Sharing Sites
  4. The Audience or Readers and Watchers
  5. The Moderators of the above

More Here..

Original article is here:

2017 | Digital Marketing | A Complete Step by Step Guide

A detailed optimization guide here:

2016-2017 5 Minute Blog Posting S.E.O. Guide


You cannot beat line one number one:

Targeted Advertising – Area or Niche

Are you finding that traditional SEO techniques are futile in competitive industries like travel, hospitality, Real Estate, Law, Medical… because of the competition from lead generators and online malls who charge per click, or per lead??  Over 50% of search now is from a mobile device – they are looking for a clickable telephone number.  Having that number that they find be yours is not that hard.

I can create organic rankings for you for any search, without any spam or SEO tricks; without breaking any search engine or social network rules.  Initial consultation is free 541-982-9291 – for Bricks and Mortar Retail Stores SMO, Hospitality Industry, Real Estate Industry, Law, Medical, Consulting, Professional Services, Auto-related: Social Media Advertising Agency

A partial listing of my over 20M Audience and groups on Facebook, L...

1. Social Blast Kit

Just $300 puts your exclusive message out and keeps you on top of the world exclusively for what you do where you do it for 365 days.

  • Blast to our 20,000,000+ audience
  • Larger companies who want broader geographical or niche coverage should request custom quote.

2. Custom WordPress Website

$599.00 Includes marketing, ranking, traffic, and advice! (On your hosting or will setup 4 you)

3. International Investment Banking (Private Placements)

I have done this many times over the last 30+ years.
If I like the project, I can provide:
1. The documents (Private Placements)
2. Help with marketing to my 22M+ audience of Realtors, investors, lenders  and small business people
3. Help with funding on a performance (commissions) basis
4. Hands-on Private Placements of Debt and Equity Capital
My requirements:
1. You take my advice
2. A small equity stake in the project
3. $1500.00 retainer to cover my time and costs associated with the project: questions?

+1 541-982-9291

I go by ‘Israel’

 Israeli Rothman For “influence marketing services
I have the power, the numbers, the rankings, the momentum, the know-how…
And that is exactly what I can do for you. 541-982-9291 or  rothmanisrael@gmail.com

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Texas Hill Country and Washington DC I have over 100 of these that I created and manage on facebook alone…see partial listing here!  I have 22M people all over the world who read what I write –  see my Pinterest here! ’Thought for the day’ is popular.

How to elect a President over the dead body of the mainstream media

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Comment by Israeli rothman on February 20, 2017 at 6:33am

Some things in this world you can fake.  The real thing is not one of them https://www.google.com/search?q=2017+new+media+marketing+guide&... Number 1 "2017 new media marketing guide"

Comment by DealerELITE on February 17, 2017 at 11:28am
Awesome article for all members to read

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