Sometimes you should say what you will not do to make a sale

I will never forget selling vehicles online in the 80's.  After three years, I had my own advertising, my own customer base, my own phone pops, set my own hours, and got paid on everything.  Although most of my inquiries began online or with a phone call, I had the highest gross average in the store.

Just like your inquiries, phone pops and emails would be about trying to get a price from me to shop.  I never aloud that to happen.

I told them that I work by appointment, I told them the above, then I asked: 

"So, let me ask you, you will phone-shop, then make an appointment with the biggest liar?"

They would balk, ask what that meant, etc..

"Let me explain the result of what you are doing: we all pay the same price for vehicles, exactly what they are worth, wholesale.  We all need to make a little profit, not too much, but a little.  If you don't like being lied to, you are not going to like this method of shopping, because the guy who tells the biggest lie gets the appointment.  

When you show up all beat up and angry, he will just tell you "I lied", but often you will give in anyway."

Caught off-guard with this, they would ask, "what choice do I have", or vent because it made them angry.

Then I would ask:

'May I suggest and alternative?"

"How about I send you links to multiple places where you can do all of your research online, then you can know what I know, including the value of your trade-in, and what I pay for the vehicle.  Simple, easy, takes only a minute.  Then, you set an appointment with me, we both put our cards on the table, and we make a nice, straight, clean deal in one wack?"

You would be surprised how well this worked.

"I do not want to dicker with you, and, at the low price you are going to be willing to pay, I like to do it this way for obvious reasons.  Is morning or afternoon better for you, and where shall I send these links?"

I sold over 2,300 vehicles in my 15 year career as an auto salesperson, and I had so much fun, that I would do it again for the right job.

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Comment by Israeli rothman on February 18, 2017 at 2:25pm

Actually that is correct, I began in 1987, send snail mail newsletters 3 times per year, and it was early nineties before these things took place, as Mark points out, not that it is relevant to the point at all.

Comment by Mark Dubis on February 18, 2017 at 12:59pm

Good strategy, I also would work to educate my prospects and explain how low-balling works. They would insist the dealer would sell them the vehicle for the "low ball price" so I said if that's true ask the salesman at that store to email or fax you the buyers order with the vehicle info and price including all fees and taxes.  If they hesitate, you know you were getting low-balled, in fact lets call that guy right now from our store and see what he says. . . . guess what happened.

Comment by Mark Hicks on February 18, 2017 at 12:48pm

Your timelines are off. . .

The WORLD WIDE WEB was not even functional until the very early 90s and was very limited in application. Email for normal people in the 80s was non existent. NOBODY was emailing in the 80s

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