Who came up with and why do you always hear I want to be a 30 car a month salesman. If I was the sales manager and one of my sales people told me they wanted to sell 30 cars a month. I would tell them go home.If your a sales person your goal should be to sell every car on your lot every day. Don't set limits. Don't focus on selling the most vehicles at your dealership. Focus on selling every car at your dealership. Be hunger Be focused Be educated on your product. And NEVER set a limit. There is no goal to how many you want to sell. Sales people you want to sell every vehicle on your lot and if you run out of cars to sell Then walk across the street and start selling cars off other peoples lot. There are billions of people on the internet everyday. Find them. Get on Twitter and Facebook and Google + The only limit we have Is the ones we set. Your brain should be firing full blast every second of every day on finding someone to buy a car.

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