Would you ever hire the best of the worst to work in your dealership?  Well as bad as that sounds people do it every day.  Here's how.  They run an advertisement, several (or just a few) respond...they interview the candidates...none of them are really who they are looking for, but they need people so they hire the best of this group...essentially the best of the worst.

Never hire the best of the worst.  Have high standards.  Be clear about the kind of people you want working in your dealership and recruit those people.  Clearly identify the character and personality traits you are looking for.  What kind of experience do you ideally want in a candidate?  Do you want people with no previous experience, or do you want some degree of related experience, or are you just fine tuning your existing staff with a couple of experienced car pros. 

If you are clear about who and what you are looking for you will have a much higher probability of attracting those candidates.  After all you control the vision of your dealership and ...it's either your vision or someone else's.

There are great people out there who are looking for an opportunity to work for you...they just don't know you are looking.

Joseph Rosales

The Sales and Service Group

Medford, New Jersey

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