Digital Dealer 12....Were you there? What did you miss?

I attended my first Digital Dealer forum last week and found it to be an amazing experience.

It started with a Round Table Peer networking and I chose to sit in a group that was for Internet Directors/ Managers over Multiple stores.

We covered many topics but the most interesting came up about reputation Management.

The most talked about company was Yelp and the frustrations around it. We have struggled with yelp because we have several legitimate reviews hidden from the public. (What Yelp refers to them as filtered) However, funny that every negative review is promoted and goes into the SEO.

We are now interviewing ourselves companies that handle reputation management but is that enough? Everyone promises they can fix everything but short of paying what might be considered extortion money to the reputation companies or what they call advertising I am not sure what else we can do. Our reputation is literally on the line.

The 2nd item I looked into was Mobile Applications. Are there any dealers using this that have started to see success or are most just using Mobile Websites?

On the positive from the sessions I attended and the vast amount of vendors I have spoken will be months before I digest all the material I had gathered.

Questions and/ or comments are welcome

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Depending on the size of your operation you can choose what vendors you need and what things you can do in house on your own.  This was my 4th DD conference and the vibe was totally off.  It was clear that it was more of a money maker then anything else.


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