Today I got a great reminder of why it's important to be a hard worker. I was at the gas station filling up my Mercedes S 600 with premium unleaded fuel ouch that's not fun. As I was doing so a man rode up on a bicycle to go to the garbage and find cans.  Normally I don't keep much cash on me but today I had a little bit so I reached in my pocket and handed him a $20 bill and said here you go take a day off.
He said thank you then rode off on his bike. But he didn't take the day off, indtead he rode over to another garbage can and went looking for money there too. Now some of you may be saying why doesn't this guy get a job? But I chose to look for something more valuable in this interaction. I saw a great life lesson for myself, a lesson that you need to keep working because tomorrow someone may not be there to hand you money..
Many of us are very fortunate with the opportunities that we have. If we had to live on the streets like this guy we may take hard work a little more serious. I know that I tend to take for granted the things that I have. Thanks to this random encounter with a homeless gentleman I'm really inspired by the opportunities I have in front of me and I'm thankful for the life lesson that he taught me today at a gas station.

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Most millionares make that money one $20,000 week at a time. Week after week. It doesn't matter what the dollar amount is, what matters is how you go after it - if you want to make "all the money"

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