How to sell more cars and make 6 figures "Easy Common Sense"

 You wanna make six figures a year. It all starts with product knowledge.The most successful people in any industry are experts at what they do. Its not just learning your brand.You have got to study the competition as well. There is a reason why a fighter or sport team watches videos on their opponents. It is not because they have nothing better to do. It is because they are studying their opponents and looking for their weakness.

 You gotta be motivated to be a professional in the car business.That is how your gonna make six figures a year. To be a good closer you have to have confidence and be persuasive. It's hard to have confidence if you don't know what your selling and how in the world are you going to be persuasive when you don't know your product.

Don't just pick up a brochure.Grab some keys walk your lot. Open them doors, kick some tires, play with the radio. Touch and feel them rides. Take them for a spin. Don't worry about the broke sales people and what they will think when your walking around a vehicle, pointing and talking. Ya that's right. Go do your walk around and say it out loud. Doing what everyone does makes you average. If you want to be average. You are in the wrong business and should be working a regular job making regular money.See if there are any other money motivated sales people at your dealership and get them to go with you. And role play. Have them ask you questions and vice versa. Don't wait until you have a potential customer to see how good your presentation is. Fighters train everyday and fight a few times a year. You should train everyday also. That how you become a champion at anything you do.

Dennis Cole

Digital Marketing Expert - The Google Guru - Automotive Sales Trainer

(618) 615-8429

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