Hello everyone I am new to this site and this is my first post and I dont want to be to demanding but im kinda struggling in the car business. See when i first started I went on a boom car after car after car, now I know that most of you sell 20 plus cars a month and here in the small town of Twin Falls (44000 people not including surrounding areas) a good month is 8-12 cars. Now at first i was doing about 8-12 and the national average is 8, since the first im doing only 4-6 cars a month and making barely any money. My prospecting is very weak and im not to knowledgeable at prospecting  so i was wondering if anyone could help me with any advice on prospecting tips or advice, where to go what to do or use on line prospecting social networking. Anything helps i am determined to be a 20 car salesman and help my team be #1 in Twin Falls Idaho.


          Your selection specialist, Tyler Howard

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Hi Tyler, Go back over your recent customers and ask for referrals. This is a limited number but you might surprise yourself.  My main thought is going back into the customer database. Usually lease returns, customers that bought a few years back, and your service customers are all good pools of potential customers. Figure you have to attempt to make contact with 50-100 people a day, either through the phone or email. Since most salesmen don't make a lot of calls this is a good way for you to differentiate yourself and you might find that management thinks it needs a dedicated person for a certain segment of its customer base. Let me know if you have any follow-up questions.


I would be happy to share with you what me and some of my other automotive colleagues are using:

My 53 Second Video Business Card


Tobias Sedillos


This is the most detailed phone mastery information I have ever seen--wow.

Mark Rodriguez said:


Like Bobby, I too am impressed with your desire to improve the quality of your life.  You have taken the first most important step and that is to recognize that you need to make a change.  Aside from the obvious - knowing your product and your competition here are some tips that I think will serve you:


1.  Always have an attitude of gratitude.  You represent 3 % of the population for whom the other 97% will never do what you do.  That is to day that youwake up every morning to spend 10 - 12 hours a day in a dealership, hear the word "No" and not be a guaranteed a paycheck by weeks end.  The road to a successful automotive sales career is littered with people who give up after the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th "No".  Many are they who TRY and FAIL and FEW and really succesful are the ones who COMMIT and NEVER STOP learning and growing.  Have FUN! The more you look like you enjoy what you do the more customers you will attract.  At the end of the day no matter how stressful life gets in the dealership - Nobody dies!


2. Feed your mind positive food - I'm sure there are many people on this site who can come up with a host of books and tapes that you can read and or play in your mobile university - your car!   Understand that people don't buy cars - they buy what these vehicles give them access to.  Whether it's high line or entry level, if you understand what are the emotional reasons for buying your product then you will never take the word NO to mean NO - It will mean that they need to "KNOW" more about the product, you and your dealership.   Always be a student...Always be learning....Always practice your skills...Practice does not make perfect...Perfect Practice makes Perfect.


3. Master the Telephone -  The phone is your key to ongoing long term success.  Your dealership advertises for one reason and that is to maximize opportunities from all sources of business.  Here are some tips to maximize your phone skill sets:

 Greeting:  You should answer the phone with energy and enthusiasm always introducing yourself.

Answering Questions:  You should perfect the art of answering a question with a question - When talking about product you should always ask with options - ex Did you want BRand New or Preowned? Are you leaning towards one with or without Navigation?  Take the pressure off of the caller.  Be ready with rebuttals that you are comfortable with.

Getting Customers Contact info - Name, numbers and Email ar a Must!  For new cars, "Let me check what's avaiable now and what might be coming in ...shouldn't take more than 5 mins Are you calling from Home, Work or Cell? and that number is?  What email address would you like me to send this info to? Business or personal?

Give your info:  Always give your full name, direct number and nmae of your dealership - Nothing worse than losing a phone opportunity because the customer didn't remember you.

Ask for the Appointment with Options on EVERY CALL NO EXCEPTIONS:  Mr Customer, if that vehicle is available, can you stoo in later this morning or this afternoon?  Whether you have the car or not take the customers pulse -= Worst case scenario it's a follwo up call.

Set the Appt for a specific date and time:  Closer to 5 or 7? I have 5:45 or 6:15 which works best?  There are many strategies I'd be happy to share with you.


4. Unsold Follow Up:  Check out the attached Unsold Showroom traffic for followup ideas.


5 Build an Evidence Manual - Build up a database of Dealer Rater, Yelp, Google Reviews.  Print them out and keep in a binder to show to your customers.   When you deliver a new or preowned vehicle be sure to plant the seed that you will be sending them an email link to the actual survey page.  Smile Smile Smile Have Fun!!!

Prospecting at Time of Delivery - If you have a great Rapport with your customer then you have earned the right to ask for referrals.  I'd be happy to send you a Delivery Referral form.  --- It works!!. 

6. Prospecting on the phone:  Every single outbound call should have the following steps:

Step 1 :  Verify: May I speak with ____?

Step 2 :  Introduce:  This is ____ at ABC Motors

Step 3:   Acknowledge the Interruption:  Is this a good time?  If No - What I have to say is important but not urgent- What's a better time to call you? 

Step 4 - Reason for the call - The reason for the call must be a benefit to the customer - It's not about what is gong to put money in your pocket.  It's all about the value your customer service brings the customer

Step 5 - HOusehold Prospect -  Can I take a moment to update my info?  BEsides the ___ How many other vehicles are there in your household? How many drivers?  Of all the drivers Who do you think will be next?  The goal is not to put your customer on the spot but to set yourself apart as the logical choice to send a referral to.  I can send you a Matrix of responses if the customer answers "Me" (1st person) or Someone Else (3rd PArty)

Step 6 - Asking for a Referral - This is tough because most salespeople develop thick skin when it comes to hearing the word NO for a car deal but it's a different deal when the word NO is perveived as personal rejection.  One of many ways you might ask for a referral might be:

BEfore I let you go can I ask you a small favor:

Something I'm really proud of here at ABC Motors is that I get a large percentage of my customers from repeat customers and referrals from people your self.  If I was to ask you for the name of one person you think may be in the market for a new or preowned vehicle one of these days, Who would be the first person to come to mind?


END THE CALL WITH A BENEFIT :  Ok (Customer Name) Thank you for your time and I will followup with you through out your ownership.  Have a great day.

Tyler, I have been in the Automotive business for over 20 years and when I started my training consisted of a preliminary overview of where the New and Preowned cars were and a room that had brochures and videos.  I had to develop a philosophy that if it was to be for me and my family it would be up to me.  Success did not come without a price.  I didn't learn about balance and my marriage couldn't sustain the demands of 70 plus hours a week.   Over the years I have been fortunate to study and learn from very talented people.  Many of whom are a part of this forum. 

Tyler, the automotive industry is the great second chance for the young, the old, the displaced, the downsized, and the misfortunate.  I am one of them and I am committed to leaving this industry better than how I found it by giving back.

The cost of entry is ZERO.  You are supplied with all the tools necessary to provide a six figure plus income for you and your family.   You can not give what you do not have.  Customers have more information available than ever before.  You must find a way to set yourself apart from those who want to come in late, who will not come in early, who will not know their product and thier competition better than their competition, and those who will not take the time to Master the Telephone.

Tyler I sincerely wish you the best and I think I speak for everyone in this forum when I say, If you commit to being the type of Automotive Professional who goes the extra mile, we all win.  Good luck and I can ever be of service email me at mark@autoclientcare.com.

Hello Tyler,

I understand where you are coming from. I sold cars for over 10 years in good and bad markets. The first thing you need to do is market to everyone. Use email you the phone, use phone calls, use social media. I found post cards and email worked for me. Social media also works great. I also had 2 websites and did one more thing that worked well for me. I had 1000 B&W business cars printed and hand wrote I have a buyer for your car on each one. I would spend at least 1 hour every day looking for parked cars to prospect with my card.

Simply put do it all and do it long term it works.

Check out my video on Linked in:


Happy selling.....


Tyler, just have the mind-set that everyone is a prospect because they are! A thousand business cards? That's great if you go through them in a month. Selling cars is a numbers game, the more people you talk to and let them know what you can do for them, the more cars and trucks you will sell. the rest is just details.

A copy of your business card should be in every letter and email you send.

With Smart Phones being the rage a good Internet presence is key. I myself have a toll-free number that connects me with my clients 24/7. Have a number that is easy to remember like 1-car-concerns (1-855-227-6226). I can help you with this end.

Last but not least, have a super strong follow-up plan.



I believe that you can learn a few simple ways to prospect digitally in addition to all of the other methods explained here.  Think about becoming a dealer advocate on some of the forums that include your brand.  When people talk about experiences in dealerships and pricing of cars, you can be a member that works the angles in your favor.  I used to do this on Edmunds.com forums when I sold Acura's.

Also, look at what Elise Kephart has been doing to follow up with customers using videos and YouTube.  Get inspired to do something similar.  Take it one step further.  Get a camera and make individual commercial messages advertising yourself and branding yourself where you can position yourself as the "go to" person when anyone needs to buy a car.  While your coworkers are being average you can use these tactics to market yourself and be above average.  All you need is a camera, computer, and basic seo knowledge that you can learn from the internet.

Jim Ziegler once said "study your profession as if you were studying for a masters degree".  I agree with that statement.  Get hungry.  Learn.  Dominate.  Enjoy the success.




Does your company have a current CRM that helps you market your database...you can pick up orphan customers and our company can call and get them in for you....Guaranteed to Increase sales...


George Nunes

eLead CRM



Tyler, Give me a call at 212 472 3220 daytime.My name is Steve and our company Sunrise Premiums designs and sells avaction vouchers to auto stores. They use these hotel and cruise vouchers to reward and say thanks to customers. Powerful way to separate from your competition





If you are still in need of any advice please let me know. I would be more than happy to give you some advice.

Email me at Brittany.Walker@dyernaddyervolvo.com
Email me at Brittany.Walker@dyernaddyervolvo.com

I can see you have lots of help here, but if you need one more voice you are welcome to contact me at 604.351.6993.


I am also new to this site, and would love an opportunity to help someone get to the next level in their careers.  I was in a similar position as you being in a small dealership with not much traffic.  There are some things I was able to do for myself which resulted in me being the top salesperson in Canada for the brand.


If you only take one thing from me, take this:  You can make your facebook page and linked in page as pretty and detailed as you want to, but NOTHING replaces a face to face conversation with people.  Get yourself out there, go play golf, attend charity functions, or whatever it is that you have an interest in.  Your circle of influence will grow, and then those people will start paying attention to your social media.


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